The success and sexiness of business cards

When I got my first professional job out of university I was pretty damn excited. There was a whole lot to get excited about; a higher salary, not having to pull coffee for 8 hours a day and these mythical things called ‘weekends’.

All of my initial excitement paled in comparison to how excited I was to get my first ever business cards. Here, on a small card was proof that I had arrived. I was a marketer. I was in business. My friends were all equally excited even though there was no one to give our cards to except for friends and family as proof of a job obtained and ‘if you ever need to contact me’. As if we were suddenly going to start calling landlines again.

Now, a few different business cards later, it’s less exciting. Because what I want now is a personal business card. Kind of like Daniel Ocean, I want some sort of super-sweet card to casually flick at people I meet socially. I want it to be snazzy and sexy and say everything they need to know about me in one beautifully designed rectangle.

IF I were to get such a thing, the pressing issue becomes: what do I put on it?

  • Name, obviously. Nickname as well?
  • Email address
  • Blog title and url
  • Twitter name – because that ain’t changing anytime soon and I’m too addicted to give it up.
Now it gets murky:
  • Phone number – probably yes, but not an automatic yes.
  • Linkedin – though they could probably guess this is the wanted to.
  • Descriptor. Definitely have to have one but thinking up the best list will be the tough part. What to include or leave off? On twitter I have: 

Bookworm, attemptive blogger, traveller, big eater, wine lover and morning person. Working in philanthropy, not a philanthropist.
…but that seems a little long, What to include? Do you put the ‘profession’ you’re aiming for or what to promote? Or do you stick with the truth?

  • Source of amusement – I can’t be the only person who’d like to see business cards with pithy one liners. I’d like there to be something amusing on my business card, as a reflection of my personality. Make for a conversation starter if nothing else.
Charming hostess, writer, squirrel lover. Opinions are always my own.
Style from the
T: birgit_w
See how much there is to think about? This is without even considering design.
Does anyone else wish they had ‘personal’ business cards? If so, what would you put on them?

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