Wecoming the New Year

I could not be feeling more positive about 2014. Riding on the wave of the best year of my life so far (2013, you were incredible), I’m starting out 2014 full of excitement and anticipation.

I have a long list of goals and projects for 2014, and all of them are both tough and exciting. For example, Husband needs to find a new job and we need to find a new place to live. Those are tiring and sometimes down-heartening projects yes, but ultimately very rewarding. On a smaller scale I’m going to pick up my German – again – and of course, re-start blogging, which took a back seat to my personal life in 2013.

In the last weeks of 2013 I started to forward-plan 2014, making lists of life-administration tasks and goals that needed to be seen to. But it wasn’t until 2 January, watching breakfast TV, that I heard to word ‘resolutions’ and I realised I hadn’t given NY resolutions a thought.

I’m not a big NY resolution maker. I’ve made some great ones in the past and really stuck with them, but I prefer to make a list of projects for the year and aim for those. Though rather like resolutions, I find myself making the same lists of projects year in and year out.

Nevertheless, on 2 January 2014 I spontaneously made two NY resolutions which I plan to keep all year.

1. Don’t worry, be happy

2. Eat more dessert.

2014 is going to be a good year.

Dont worry be happy


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