Felix Espresso and Winebar

Another week, another new cafe.

This week’s experiment was to Felix Espresso and Winebar, the latest establishment to grace inner Brisbane’s Burnett Lane.

Felix cafe

On Wednesday I was up early to have breakfast with one of my favourite people who also loves trying the latest opening in the bustling Brisbane food and wine scene.

Felix is small and quiet. You might be sitting right in the centre of the CBD, but ambient noise and the rush of hurried office workers do not disturb your meal. Tucked into the laneway, Felix is rather a peaceful little hidey-hole.

I had the avocado on toast with chevre and lemon pepper ($7) and my friend had the pumpkin and feta tart, which was a freshly made bench-special. Both were tasty and though they looked small on the retro-esque plates, it was enough to fill you up. Coffee at $3.50 is almost at bargain these days. I had two cups of soy flat white, no extra charge for soy, and both were rich, strong and delicious.

Felix cafe

The menu at Felix Espresso and Winebar.

Felix cafe

Coffee one of two.

Felix cafe

Breakfast. Unfussy but very tasty and filling.

Felix is a cafe and wine bar that closes at 3pm. Seems a slightly odd combination, but I suspect it is the proprietor’s way of saying ‘we’re not a bar but you can get a drink at lunch if you want’.

I would certainly go again any time and recommend Felix to anyone working in our around the city who wants a simple, delicious meal and coffee to get your day off to the best possible start.

Felix cafe

Felix cafe

Felix Espresso and Winebar tucked underneath the Record Exchange in Burnett Lane.

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