What to pack…for a fly by trip to the UK

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One of the biggest dilemmas when travelling is what to pack. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before – pack light, create a capsule wardrobe, minimise accessories…but what if you simply can’t seem to do it?

Try as I might, I am an overpacker.

I’m not afraid to say that I love fashion and looking my best and this applies to my holidays when approximately 2000% of my photos are taken (call me vain if you want I don’t care). I’ll agree it’s nice to let yourself go a little whilst at the beach or if you’re backpacking throug

h Bulgaria, but a touch of BB cream and a cute dress also never did anyone any harm.

As I write this, I have just returned from a short break in the UK and Hong Kong and thought this post might assist others who struggle to wrangle their belongings into a suitcase for overseas holidays.

This trip I was determined to pack ‘lighter’ but it was so. very. hard. Especially when the weather called for coats, and jumpers and scarves and boots…does it annoy anyone else just how much space winter clothing take up?

Anyway back to the point. I’ve did some outfit planning and trying on and I packed my  best ‘outfit edit’ that would fit under 20kg.

So what did I taking for 2.5 weeks in the rain, wind and potential slush?

First up, let’s talk jackets and coats. This one was unavoidable because who wants hypothermia on holidays? I took one coat – a lovely, warm navy peacoat – and one (p)leather jacket. Whilst the locals were boasting about the mild winter, I was still pretty dam freezing and would have been close to getting pneumonia had I not packed these.

Next -we have tops and bottoms. Dear readers, I took one pair of jeans. Yes, ONE pair. Classic dark denim goes with everything and although I needed to wash them half way through my trip they were (as predicted) super comfy and versatile. I paired them with long sleeved tops in black, grey and white, my chambray shirt and the two cute knits I had with me.

I also took a couple of sleeved dresses, which I wore with fleece-lined tights for some girlier looks and a couple of playsuits for nights out – although the sheer difficulty of going to the bathroom in them was probably not worth the hassle!

 photo DSC_0438_zps0c83aa3d.jpg

In terms of shoes and accessories, I took black ankle boots and ballet flats and some cute trainers. Although they weren’t greatly exciting, these got me through the  trip. I also took two scarfs, one beanie and a pair of gloves and kept jewellery to an absolute minimal.

Whilst I didn’t feel amazingly stylish on my trip, I am still pretty happy that I don’t look like a total hobo either.

My top tips if you’re struggling to pack, would be the following:

1. Check the weather forecast! With Global warming you can never be too sure what the weather will be like when you step of the plane so check and edit your suitcase before you leave.

2. Limit shoes if you can – they take up space and you really won’t wear as many pairs as you think you will.

3. It is often suggested to stick to a ‘colour palette’ to minimise packing and maximise outfit options. I found this pretty difficult as almost everything I own is patterned or colourful, but I worked my choices around black (black shoes, black jackets, black tights, black jewellery) and this really did help me to cut down on what I took.

4. Be true to your personal style. If you love to dress up, don’t kid yourself that you’ll be happy wearing puffer jackets from Kathmandu and sneakers for the entirety of your trip. Likewise, if you can’t walk in heels don’t take them just because you’re going to Paris/Vegas/New York and plan on going clubbing.

 photo DSC_0693_zps8fd71614.jpg

What do you pack when you take on holidays? What are your top tips to packing light?


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