The buzz on Beach Burrito Co

So, it’s no secret that Beach Burrito Company has hit Brisbane in a big way. The hipster crowd have been professing their admiration for the joint since it opened in the Valley ate last year, so one recently sunny Sunday afternoon, Tom (the boyfriend) and I decided to give the West End location a try.

I wish I could say that we both loved it but in all honesty, we were pretty underwhelmed.

Whilst I adore the venue’s look and feel – all brightly coloured and Mexican beachshack-esque – and can totally imagine myself enjoying a few sangrias and margaritas with friends in the cool alfresco bench spaces, the food was average. There is no other word to describe it.

 photo DSC_0758_zps4470dddd.jpg

I ordered a Taco salad with fish and unfortunately found that what it delivered in appearance, it lacked in flavour. The fish was nice but there was no excitement to the dish and I was expecting more – it just wasn’t very satisfying for the old tastebuds!

Tom ordered a Mucho Burrito Bowl and whilst his came with a truckload of meat, it once again failed to impress. Luckily, the Sangria and Mexican beer were really great and we enjoyed them on a 30 degree Brisbane Autumn day…mmmmm sangria….

 photo DSC_0751_zps043c6bb2.jpg

I wanted so badly to love Beach Buritto because it does have a fantastic atmosphere, so I returned later in the week with some girlfriends to give it another go before writing up this review.

 photo DSC_0759_zps6ff72463.jpg

The second time around I ordered a trio of soft tacos – one chicken, one beef and one prawn…and again whilst they were lovely and fresh, they just weren’t anything special. With half price margaritas on a Wednesday night we did enjoy a drink (who can resist a frozen margarita) but the busy crowd and long wait for food didn’t really improve my opinions on the place.

 photo DSC_0766_zps8bbeacdd.jpg

If you’re looking for a fun place to chill out with friends that has good drinks and a fun and relaxed atmosphere then Beach Burrito Company is a great option – as long as you’re not expecting amazing food.

 photo DSC_0761_zpsffe05aff.jpg

I personally feel that the food at Guzman y Gomez is still miles ahead of Beach Burrito Company (and Chilliwow for ) in terms of deliciousness, and it’s cheaper as well so hop to it!

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