How to beat the Post-Holiday-Blues in 10 easy Steps

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After recently returning from holidays I felt exactly like this. Fun, fun, fun, home and then boo. It hit. The post holiday depression (PHD) also known quite simply as; the harsh reality of everyday life.

I’m certainly not the only once afflicted with this illness, so I thought I’d jot down a few ideas that helped me get through the tough times, in case you too are finding yourself staring wistfully at Tuula Vintage on instagram or devouring posts by World of Wanderlust wishing you could be frolicking around the globe again…

So here we go – 10 ways to get happy again, once the holiday is over.

  1. Get active – unless you’ve been trekking the Himalaya’s or climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, it’s highly likely that you’re health, fitness and figure has been a little neglected. Whilst it’s always fun enjoying those £2 pints/Almond croissants/Perfect Paellas, not being able to flaunt your abs or fit into your skinny jeans is quite the opposite. So get active! It will not only help you ditch those extra holiday kilos, but it’ll get your endorphins pumping and boost your mood – win’s all round!
  2. Save your pennies – so maybe you splashed your savings on a knock off Celine bag and accrued a little more than expected on your credit card (Who me?!). Well so what! That’s why we have these things called jobs! If you are stressing a little about your finances since returning home, why not put together a savings and debt repayment plan. There are plenty of free and easy to use budget guides online including this one from the Sydney Morning Herald which will help get you saving for your next trip!
  3. Find something to look forward to – your friend’s birthday, a special dinner date or an evening spent curled up on the couch are great distractions when you’re missing the slopes/beach/city you’ve just visited. Socialise and spend time catching up with your loved ones and you’ll be loving home life again in lightening speed.
  4. Book another holiday or start planning your next adventure – do some research and get some ideas for where you might like to visit next, the best time to go and how long you want to spend there – then get googling or visit your local travel agent to find a great deal – the further out you book the better the price!
  5. Be kind and treat yourself – so your roots are looking terrible after months backpacking abroad? Call your hairdresser! Your back aches from the long plane trip? Have a bubble bath or beg your partner for a massage. Feeling stressed trying to catch up on work? Take some time out for yourself to relax. It’s not a crime to be nice to yourself if you’re feeling low, and small pleasures can make all the difference!
  6. Reflect on the fun you had – go through your photos, tell anyone who’ll listen your stories and enjoy the foods you fell in love with whilst away. Combine all three if you have to! Since returning from Hong Kong, all Tom and want to eat is yum cha so we’ve taken to eating Chinese on date nights and reminiscing about how much fun we had. It almost makes the experiences seem real again.
  7. Keep exploring – there’s no way you could have seen everything your hometown and nearby regions have to offer so get our there and discover it like a tourist. Visit a new bar, take a road-trip to somewhere you’ve never been before and make amazing discoveries in your own backyard.
  8. Make changes, take on new projects and challenge yourself – when I came back from overseas I was lucky enough to start a new job, which has been both a great challenge and distraction. Of course such a significant change is a pretty unusual but if you ask me, regardless of how big or small – changes and challenges are good. Often you gain a new perspective whilst on holidays so use it to your advantage, push your boundaries, throw all your energy into it and see where it can go!
  9. Get back into a routine – for some people it is a hard slog to get back to the ‘daily grind’ but the key is to think of it as an opportunity to get organised and manage your time better so you can get the most out of your days. It doesn’t have to be boring – fit in the fun stuff where you can!
  10. Distract yourself with the #100HappyDays challenge! If you’re still struggling to get rid of PHD then you better check yo’self before you wreck yo’self and join the challenge. It will help you to identify what makes you happy and become more grateful in your every day life!

And if all else fails, pour yourself a G&T and nejoy with friends!

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