Hong Kong Day 1: HK Island and Happy Valley

I’ll be honest with you, I had never had a huge desire to travel to Hong Kong. Never the less, the boyfriend pushed me to book it as our stopover on our recent trip to the UK and now I can’t thank him enough!

I absolutely loved Honkers and am already trying to figure out ways I can get myself back there…has anyone flown AirAsia before by any chance??

Hong Kong really is a city of diversity; a commercial centre like no other, a shopping haven, a foodies dream and a true collision of east meets west. Buzzing and modern, loud and proud and an enticing and fun place to explore, Hong Kong will assault your senses in the best possible way.

After a looooong flight from Heathrow, we were picked up by our private hotel transfer to transport us to our hotel – the Crowne Plaza Kowloon East.

How times have changed. As a backpacker, I believed transfers were a waste of money, a total rip off – why would you get one when you could take the metro for $2 or haggle with a foreign cab driver…nowadays? Give me the transfer! I have never been so happy to sit and snooze in the back of a Mercedes Limo taking in the sights and have decided I much prefer it to lugging my suitcase around the metro any day.

Anyway our hotel. It was far from the city centre, BUT it was also a 2 minute walk to the Metro which for $55HKD a day (around $10 Aussie dollars) gets you everywhere. The rooms were AMAZING and HUGE (especially for Asia) and the massages at the spa were also pretty. freaking. incredible. There were all the typical 4-5 star trappings including a gym, a pool, a couple of restaurants and excellent customer service. I would stay there again in a heartbeat.

But enough about the hotel and transfer let’s get to the good stuff – beautiful Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, this was the best view we got... photo 1795514_10152015988942921_650078434_n.jpg

On our first day we explored until our feet ached. We jumped on the metro to Hong Kong Island and then caught the tram up to the Peak. I would love to say I got to see Hong Kong Harbour in all its glory but unfortunately for us we got a total white out. The fog was thick and low and we couldn’t see a metre in front of us, let alone a nice harbour view…weather fail (above is the best picture I could get from about half way through the cable car trip)! I was a little disappointed but lunch at Lock Cha Tea House in Hong Kong Park more than made up for it. I searched this place out after reading every Hong Kong recommendation ever given by Geneva at A Pair and A Spare and am so glad I did!

We experienced a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony and feasted on delicious vegetarian fare – dumplings, buns and curry. Mmmmm. Doesn’t the picture just make your mouth water? Just look at all the fooooood and me enjoying the fooooood. I have put lots of o’s in there to emphasise just how yummy was this food!

Sooo good photo 1966894_10152015989677921_2055973620_n.jpg

But it was all sooooo delicious! photo 1904208_10152015989782921_1542903039_n.jpg

After rolling out of the restaurant we opted to burn calories the best way possible – by exploring and shopping! I hit up the cosmetics counters in Admiral and we spent hours wandering the streets of Causeway Bay – an area full of shops, street food and the odd million or so people!

So many shops and signs and shops photo 1970968_10152015990177921_1863349571_n.jpg

As it was a Wednesday night, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to join the locals at the Happy Valley Races so we jumped on a tram and made our way to the course. I can’t gamble to save myself so I held off on betting but we enjoyed some mulled wine and some food and watched the over excited locals spending their hard-earned dollars having a flutter on the horses.

 photo 1891038_10152015990917921_657783741_n.jpg

Stay tuned for the next instalment of my Stopover in Hong Kong! It will be up on the blog soon!


One thought on “Hong Kong Day 1: HK Island and Happy Valley

  1. Love the photos.

    I’ve flown Air Asia a couple of times now and they are absolutely fine. It is a budget airline but the service was fine, the flights on time, the food quality varied but I have no qualms about flying with them again.

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