Day 2 in Hong Kong: Market Wanderings

Lots of weird fruits I wish I knew what they were! photo 1507924_10152015995187921_1897348060_n.jpg

Local Produce Markets – I didn’t recognise all the fruit and would love to know what the red ones in the top left are!

Hong Kong is famous for two things: shopping and food. So of course, Tom and I decided to dedicate our second day in Honkers to these two things: namely in the form of markets. To start with we caught the metro to Mong Kok and wandered around the Flower markets – this only took about 10 minutes, so we kept walking, only to stumble upon some local produce markets on our way to the Gold fish markets where we looked at the lucky fish and penny turtles ready to go home to new owners. This area also had blocks full of pet shops where we (ok I) cooed over the adorable puppies. There was a definite change in the type of people we saw on the streets as well – more tourists were exploring this area and it felt a bit more touristy but not in a bad way.

Poor fishes photo 1901359_10152015995352921_308319992_n.jpg

Gold Fish are meant to be lucky…

We walked from the markets towards Nathan Road, marvelling at the diamonds in the jewellery shops until we hit the Ladies Market. This was where the real fun began. Checking out the rows and rows of fake purses, sifting through the souvenirs on offer for gifts and haggling with store owners for a bargain, it was great fun, but also very exhausting – especially as we followed it up with a few hours in Sneaker Street looking for shoes for Tom. This was a really cool area with lots of younger locals hang in out, but we found it very difficult to determine which shoes were real and which were knock offs as the prices were the same (and not much cheaper than online prices) so we left empty-handed.

 photo 1521962_10152015995647921_1773168811_n.jpg

Nathan Road

Such great produce at the local markets photo 10006607_10152015995532921_2048695165_n.jpg

At the local product markets

After a long day of bargain hunting and exploring, we made our way to Kowloon to grab a bite to eat – and boy was it superb! We found a restaurant called Shanghai Popo, which had a beautiful interior and a great looking menu so we got to ordering and the eating commenced.

SO. good. photo 1184779_10152015995747921_1506691785_n.jpg

Singapore Noodles at Shanghai Popo

The food was amazing! We ordered prawn dumplings, pork buns, Shanghai Noodles, and washed it down with green tea (the restaurant seemed not to serve alcohol).

mmmm dumplings photo 1948211_10152015995837921_142409020_n.jpg

Prawn Dumplings…sooooo yum!

The atmosphere was super chilled out and welcoming, and also a little bit hipster if I am honest. It was a very relaxed change to the busyness of Hong Kong which was a nice reprieve after a long day of haggling. I would highly recommend Shanghai Popo, and by the looks of the locals pooring through the door after we left, I’m pretty sure they would recommend it too!

 photo 1476232_10152015995897921_447239637_n.jpg

After our delicious dinner we were full of energy again so we headed to the Temple St Night Market. This was a much smaller market but it is the only night market in Hong Kong and was a great place to people watch. We enjoyed a Tsingta Beer at a local eatery and watched the crowds enjoying their fish ball soup with friends and chowing down on chicken noodles.

Temple Street Markets photo 1013860_10152015996057921_697837483_n.jpg

Selfies at Temple St Night Markets


Temple St was a much smaller market than the Ladies Market (which seemed to run for kilometres) and certainly not as touristy but is well worth a visit to experience a more ‘real’ side to Hong Kong.  It is well known for it’s street food and atmosphere and we were tempted to try a few things but were so full from dinner and our huge beer that unfortunately we couldn’t fit it in – oh well we’ll just have to go back!

Enjoying a cold one photo 10012470_10152015996232921_1138418219_n.jpg

Enjoying a beer the size of our heads…I could barely get through half of mine!


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