Hong Kong Day 3: Lantau Island, a junkboat adventure and more food!

Hong Kong Big Buddha

The Big Buddha – obviously

Our final full day in Hong Kong and we went on a mission to see The Big Buddha at Lantau Island.

We’d heard mixed reviews about this place, and it is very ‘touristy’ but Tom and I both really enjoyed it. The Metro trip out takes a little while and then you jump into a Gondola to get up the mountain, but at the top the Giant Buddha awaits…along with a monastery, some gorgeous and very placid wild dogs and a heap of souvenir shops.

Little Lion photo 1982105_10152015997982921_1138804174_n.jpg

One of the super chilled out wild dogs..what a cutie!

After making our way from the Gondala and past the souvenir shops to climb the few hundred stairs to the buddha and stairs we were rewarded with a pretty great view – despite the less than perfect weather! We strolled around the Buddha, taking cheesy pictures and taking in the view over the mountains until the fog rolled in. It was beautiful. Afterwards, we made it back down to the tourist traps and shared a delicious mango pancake before heading back to Hong Kong Island.

Hello from Hong Kong! photo 1891235_10152015999332921_1064269316_n.jpg

Tourist fun

We wandered through the antiques area near Queens Road, then made our way to Soho for dinner at Nah Trang Vietnamese restaurant. The food here was delicious, cheap and quick to come out. It was a little strange for us as the food we had ordered for entrée came out last and the restaurants was cash only but no real complaints!

More markets - this time antiques photo 1891182_10152015999832921_358822137_n.jpg

Antique Markets near Queens Rd

After dinner we hailed a cab to Hong Kong Harbour, jumped onto the only remaining Junk Boat in Hong Kong and enjoyed a wine while watching the light show. Yes it was a little cheesy and the light show wasn’t the most amazing thing in Honkers but it was a really nice way to end our trip. We sailed over to Kowloon, then made our way home – exhausted and exhilarated and totally won over by a brilliant city.

 photo 1013860_10152016000342921_1869174636_n.jpg

Watching the light show from the Harbour

With it’s crazy busy atmosphere, the delicious smell of Chinese street food wafting through the streets and interesting mix of cultures, Hong Kong, you made me fall in love with you and I’ll be coming back for seconds before you know it.


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