A long weekend in London

Strike a pose photo 1901441_10152015972222921_892356757_n.jpg

Shoreditch Hipster…we aren’t

On my recent trip to the UK, my boyfriend Tom and I spent a long weekend with our friends Adam and Lena in London. As one of my all time favourite cities, I was super excited to explore areas I hadn’t seen before and to revisit old favourites, but I also wanted to see a side of London that the locals see.

We wanted to stay in the thick of it all so we chose the Landmark Apartments in Shoreditch which was not only very affordable but it was modern, clean, comfortable and most importantly located on Rivington St – in the heart of Shoreditch. This put us within walking distance to a huge number of pubs, bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants and shops – the perfect location for us to get our hipster on.

So what did we do all weekend?

Well, after arriving on Friday night and meeting Adam and Lena at our apartment we went for a boozy dinner at one of the many great vietnamese restaurants nearby and headed to a couple of the clubs and bars nearby. Unfortunately, the amount of wine consumed at dinner and the subsequent consumption of whiskey sours in dark corner bars means I can not for the life of me remember the names of anywhere we went…oops. It was great fun though!

Fortunately the rest of the weekend is a teeny bit less hazy. On Saturday morning we dragged our hungover selves a couple of blocks to brunch at the Breakfast Club in Hoxton.

Brunch with Adam and Lena in Hoxton photo 1239030_10152015971592921_581153258_n.jpg

 photo 1981980_10152015971562921_2100025668_n.jpg

The boys chillin’ in the Breakfast Club

 photo 1966688_10152015971797921_2016730036_n.jpg

The Breakfast Club – so very welcoming.

After a revitalising  breakfast accompanied by a delicious green smoothie and a decidely average coffee (to be fair it’s probably great by UK standards) we wandered the streets of the East before catching the tube to Borough Market – London’s best food market. I go every time I’m in London because the food is impeccable and the atmosphere is always buzzing. We bought amazing seeded spelt bread, mushroom pate, creamy English cheese and juicy olives to share for a picnic-style dinner – delicious! We also splurged on a few of the many gluten free brownies on offer, cheekily devouring them with some hot English Breakfast tea before we even made it home, because. Brownies.

So many to choose from photo 1526854_10152015972512921_1502681811_n.jpg

Borough Market Cheeses

Paella photo 1898171_10152015972597921_1790655321_n.jpg

The Paella looked amazing

Yummmmmm photo 554783_10152015972732921_174849816_n.jpg


On Saturday night we went out in Shoreditch to a few pubs but once again I can’t remember their names – I blame it on the cider! We met up with some other friends of ours who’d come down to London and some of Adam and Len’s friends who living in the East as well. It was a greta night! You really are guaranteed a good night out if you head out around Shoreditch and Hackney…it may not be cheapest but you’ll have loads of fun.

Tom's Birthday night out! photo 10013883_10152015974057921_873588243_n.jpg

Lena and I out on the town

A lazy Sunday morning called for breakfast at The Albion at the Boundary Hotel, just a stone’s throw from our apartment. On the walk to this delightful cafe and bakery, I spied a Photo Booth in the Lobby of Ace Hotel on the Shoreditch high street (amazing looking hotel by the way). On my travels throughout Europe five years ago, I became particularly enamoured/obsessed with the Photoautomat booths in Berlin and so I practically shoved Tom through the door to get a photo of us taken. Discreet? Hell no! But so worth it and we now have a lovely little photos trip memento from that day.

East London has some beautiful street art an while we waited for Adam and Len to catch us up, Tom and I took some time to photograph some of it. It really is amazing the talent and variety of mural art in this area and if you appreciate street art I’d highly recommend you check out the area.

Selfie! photo 1900101_10152015975382921_682349373_n.jpg

Sunday morning street selfies

East End photo 1959914_10152015975617921_1243598552_n.jpg

Streets around the Albion

 photo 1005544_10152015975242921_445350417_n.jpg

I clearly wasn’t prepared for this photo…but the street art was too beautiful not to feature on the blog!

 photo 10003111_10152015971852921_1342951864_n.jpg

But back to the Albion. I’d read and heard so many rave reviews about the food at this joint and was not disappointed. Not only was the place an absolute visual delight (classic white tiles and light and all that jazz) , but we managed to score a seat  just before the masses arrived and had to line up. Winners!

The Albion...if only I could eat one! photo 1810_10152015976012921_1785815804_n.jpg

How amazing are these?

 photo 1982328_10152015976277921_1681028408_n.jpg

I ordered the Grilled sweet potato hash with spinach and poached organic eggs (as did 2 out of 3 of my companions) and it was superb, our fourth Member wasn’t too hungry so he ordered some toast with jam and was delighted by it, in case you were wondering. I did have to add a fair bit of salt to mine as I prefer a more savoury flavour and the sweet potato was obviously sweeter than a regular hash but it was still a lovely meal and an even lovelier, warm setting. We all loved our meals and the coffee wasn’t to bad either. I would have loved to partake in some of the amazing bakery treats there but oh well. Maybe one day!

But this was a pretty great consolation! photo 1239030_10152015976332921_157728522_n.jpg

Look at that perfect poached egg!

 photo 1982068_10152015976357921_551122018_n.jpg

Told you it was perfect

From The Albion, we walked through Bethnal Green to the Columbia Road Flower Markets where the East End chappies convinced us to buy some gorgeous ‘goodbye’ blooms for Tom’s family. The markets were a fair bit smaller than I had anticipated but very busy! It was a great atmosphere and there were lots of cheap, beautiful blooms on offer – a popular weekend haunt amongst locals it certainly is. Lena and I enjoyed wandering through the boutiques and thrift stores and when the cold hit us I convinced my English counterparts it was time for this Aussie to go inside and have a cup of something piping hot to stay sane. I would have loved another coffee but after my series of disappointing cappuccinos I opted for a quality English Breakfast tea instead – mmmmm. It was sad to finish our tea and farewell our friends, but we will see them in no time I’m sure. After our group goodbye hug we caught the tube to Covent Garden to say our final goodbyes to Tom’s family (for them moment).

 photo 1972419_10152015977417921_2111460940_n.jpg

Present for Linda Dodd photo 1148901_10152015977447921_1832480286_n.jpg

I won’t go into details here, because it is quite personal but after another cuppa and some hugs completed, we were back in Hoxton sharing ciders and asian food with Tom’s uni friends who travelled from around the country for one last night of fun together. We drank wine, ate dim sum and chatted until the early hours and it was the perfect end to our long weekend…now to plan the next trip!

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Albion at The Boundary Project on Urbanspoon


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