Hawthorne Twilight Markets (eating all the food)

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What does one do on the first Friday evening of the month, when the sun is setting and it’s almost dinner time?

One heads to the Hawthorne Twilight Markets of course!

An initiative of Love Your Local Markets  – which began in April last year – the Hawthorne Twilight Markets have been attracting Brisbanites like myself since they first set up shop.

You know I love me some market action and Tom and my trip to the Twilight Markets in March was exceptional. We were really impressed with the small but wonderful array of market stalls and foodtrucks touting a fantastic variety of food (of course), fresh produce, fashion, gifts and homewares.

There’s also live music, yoga classes for those inclined and lots of space for kids and four-legged friends to enjoy themselves (this place is very family friendly and I imagine local parents will soon be picketing to have the markets every week).

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But as always let’s talk about the main attraction of most markets: food. For a relatively small market there was almost too much to choose from! The Pasta Cruiser was on site (and Brissie fave The Bun Mobile will be stopping by on May 2nd), along with The Goat Pie Guy, Jamroc Jerk Chicken, and Pizza AnticaMr Kalamari was bringing in the crowds as were my two standout favourites of the night: the Juan More Taco foodtruck and Nodo Donuts.

 photo DSC_0801_zps07eb89ff.jpg

My love of Mexican food is well known on the blog, and it takes a lot to impress me but I’ve fallen hard for the “Beef Barbacoa” Taco from Juan More Taco. Coupled with a freshly made Limeaid and some extra spicy sauce…I was IN HEAVEN. I’m not even joking. The ‘BB’ as I am going to affectionately call it, was potentially the best Taco I’ve ever eaten in my entire life and I’ve been to Mexico*! The flavours were fresh, the portion size wasn’t overbearingly large or underwhelmingly small, the beef wasn’t dry or overly saucy – it was just perfection.

 photo DSC_0796_zps61a6c870.jpg

So Dinner was done…what comes next? Dessert.

 photo DSC_0795_zps992c223c.jpg

I’ll be honest with you, during the week I rarely eat dessert, but when at the markets, how is one to resist? Especially when you have the world’s friendliest donuts staring at you, just willing you to try their ‘free from gluten, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives’ baked deliciousness.

Tom and I bought a 6 pack (for $25) and trust me they didn’t last 24 hours…oopsy.

 photo DSC_0855_zpsf07b5cd2.jpg

 photo DSC_0861_zps13c358aa.jpg

We tried the full variety of different flavours on offer and could not pick a favourite. How can you compare super yummy, with delicious? I will say that the nodo donuts have more of a cake like texture as opposed to the regular doughnuts you might be used to but – seriously they are amazing! On a side note if you’re Gluten free and looking for a taste of a more traditional style cinnamon doughnut, you can find out where to find one in Brisbane here.

It’s clear that I will easily become obese if I am allowed to frequent these markets on a regular occasion the food is too good to resist.

Another thing I love about these markets is that being on the other side of the city to where we live, Tom and I took the opportunity on our way home to swing by Kangaroo Point cliffs to watch the sunset over the city. It’s an awesome way to end the working week and begin your weekend and also kind of romantic too! Next time we plan on bringing our market spoils for a picnic and hopefully we’ll see a few of you there.

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 photo DSC_0827_zpscd17f953.jpg
Until next time xx Kirst

Disclaimer: *(ok it was Tijuana when I was 19 and most of the time I was drunk on free tequila shots so it really doesn’t count but still).


2 thoughts on “Hawthorne Twilight Markets (eating all the food)

  1. Thanks so much for this great post, Kirst! You may be interested to know that you were right – we have been persuaded to go twice monthly by local parents and foodies so hope to see you back at Hawthorne on the First and Third Fridays from now on – cheers! Bec (Founder of Love Your Local)

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