Chester St Bakery and Bar

 photo 46D73D59-CAF1-4563-BBA2-CC03EC3B0ADD_zpseswvnt1s.jpgLet me just say one thing. If you haven’t yet been to Chester St Bakery and Bar, GET YO’ ASS THERE NOW!

Tucked away in a Newstead backstreet, Chester St is overflowing with an admirable range of baked goodies – everything from croissants to cakes and crusty bread (how’s that for alliteration?!?).

With its welcoming blue and white colour scheme, great food, and friendly staff, this place is all kinds of amazing.

 photo 01C8D8D1-1435-42B0-9F1A-B042B0643A08_zpsn7ssceix.jpgOne could describe Chester St as the perfect brunch destination for anyone who loves a good sourdough or a tasty pastry but it’s honestly so much more than that. For for a bakery, it actually caters surprisingly well for those of us who can be a little intolerant to gluten or lactose – and I am ever so thankful for it.

The pure joy I had at going out and being able to order pancakes for breakfast (that wouldn’t make me sick) was fantastic!

Not only was the level of choice for Gluten Free meals great, but those buckwheat pancakes with ricotta, cinnamon, caramelised pear and maple syrup? Yup they were god-damn divine!

 photo 2608F01A-8CFA-42F2-BBE9-94B294D16C2F_zps7pu4hfsa.jpgMy almond milk cappuccino (which can often taste bloody awful) was surprisingly delicious and there was also a great range of gluten and dairy free smoothies and juices on offer – of which I also indulged in because. Delicious.

We visited Chester St, for a Sunday brunch with friends and had no trouble finding a spot inside on one of long tables. I do believe this was because we had arrived after the main ‘breakfast crowd’ and the place was clearing out a bit. It does get busy so just keep that in mind if you don’t like lining up.

Our coffees and food came out swiftly after they were ordered and we all loved our meals. I can honestly not wait to find our way back to experience their lunch, dinner and cocktail menus…there are not enough hours in the day for this!

 photo 5E826A64-9E0E-4A40-8C68-ACE049BE3D46_zps6zd9gyui.jpg

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