DIY – Flower Cake Topper


I recently made a surprise Birthday cake for my good friend Claire’s 30th and I will say I’m so happy with the final result I thought I’d share it with you.

Claire absolutely loves fresh flowers and as it was her 30th I wanted to challenge myself and make something special so I decided on a gluten-free red velvet layer cake with pink ombre cream cheese icing and a DIY flower cake topper…a real mouthful if you will!

Making the layer cake was fine – it was the fresh flower decorations I was worried about – so I sought the advice from the lovely Francesca at Francesca’s Flowers. She helped me to pick some blooms and explained to me the process of creating a cake topper – so I’ll now try to share it with you!

How to make a Floral Cake Topper without being a florist

What you’ll need:

  • Flowers and some green ‘sprigs’ to ‘fill in the spaces’
  • Cake topper sponge
  • Water
  • Scissors or sécateurs to cut your flowers with

Step 1: So let’s pretend you’ve got your flowers sorted – I went with a pink and purple theme incorporating different pink roses, some lilac roses and some darker purple blooms. The First step is to soak your sponge in water so your flowers last longer once they are placed.


Step 2: Once your sponge is prepared, it’s time ti place your first flower. This should be positioned in the centre of your sponge. Be careful not to be too forceful in your placement as this can lead the sponge to collapse and you definitely don’t want that to happen!

Step 3: Francesca advised me that if you are looking to create and overall ’round’ shape you need to place your flowers in triangular layout, where each flower is positioned in a ‘corner’ of the triangle. So go ahead and place your next 3 flowers. You can see I’ve done this in the picture below.


Step 4: Once you’ve placed your first few flowers, place your next trio of flowers in the spaces that remain following the triangular layout rule. I didn’t want my flowers to look to ‘done’ and was hoping to achieve a more unique, asymmetrical look so whilst I kept  my flowers in the suggested triangular pattern, I added two light pink roses and a dark purple flower instead of sticking to the same bloom.


Step 5: Continue to work in your triangular pattern until you’re happy with the number of flowers you’ve placed.


Step 6: Now it’s time to fill in the spaces with your sprigs of greenery. I had two different types so just placed them randomly where I felt like it until I was happy with the overall look and I could no longer see any of the green sponge.

Step 7: Finally it’s time to place it on your cake and then….surpise your wonderful friend before devouring your delicious masterpiece!

DSC_0872DSC_0878 DSC_0880

Wasn’t she a beauty?? This was a really fun activity and I am honestly so proud of what I created – I really think it is beautiful and I was so happy when Claire proclaimed that she LOVED it.  No I just need an excuse to do it all again…anyone got a Birthday coming up??

xx Kirst


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