Photo diary: Mooloolaba with friends

With a return to these 5-day working weeks, I’m positive I’m not the only one suffering from long weekend withdrawals (at least the regular weekend is almost here!).

I keep finding myself wishing we could rewind to the Easter long weekend when B and I headed to the Coast with our English boys and some friends to celebrate a surprise 30th Birthday. We all had such a wonderful time enjoying great food, too much wine and the best company you could hope for – it really was just the best.

Here’s a photo diary from our mini-break at Mooloolaba – I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed our time there.

As you can see the weekend was full of full of Pimms, champagne, seafood, salads, sunshine, sunsets and cake!



4 thoughts on “Photo diary: Mooloolaba with friends

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