Anywhere Theatre Festival: Red Cordial Love

My first ever proper kiss was at a school dance. It was weird and slimy and afterwards I panicked that I would never like kissing. Ever.

You never forget your first kiss, but watching Red Cordial Love brought it all back in graphic detail, complete with a soundtrack by BareNaked Ladies. Set in a school dance, the show is about the heightened emotions, nativity and politics of young love. Sound exhausting, but really it’s a lot of fun.

Video courtesy of Something and taken from the Anywhere Theatre Festival website.

Red Cordial Love is an hour of ‘growing up in the nineties’ glory, complete with wizz fizz, grunge, glow sticks and Spice Girls. When you enter the room, you are greeted by actors smiling like bobble-headed Miss Universe contestants who perform a well choreographed introduction complete with synchronised dance moves reminiscent of ‘NSNYC. Two MCs introduce the three female protagonists and the audience step back in time to age 13, dressed in denim and platform sandals.

Red Cordial Love is a loving reminiscence of being a nineties teen with just enough consideration for the angst of being young and unsure in amongst the hyper-coloured disco lighting. It’s funny and well-thought-out, a real must-see show for anyone who went to school in the 1990s.

The show has a lot of audience participation. Half of us were on our feet to participate in the Macarena competition, which I came close to winning (and re-living my triumph as the Grade 7 Macarena champion, just saying), but sadly it was not to be. One of the outstanding features of the show was the soundtrack of incredible nineties tunes. I would love to get my hands on a copy of the playlist. The Cardigans, Ricky Martin, Will Smith and Hanson seem to get better with time.

This is a show that will probably be most enjoyed by people around my age. I was the perfect target audience member, having experienced every 1990s throw back in the show. The soundtrack of 1990s chart-toppers is so well remembered and loved by my generation, after bumping and grinding on so many dance floors, that Spice Girls, TLC and Salt and Pepa are Karaoke favourites to be pulled out at every hens party.

If you were aged anywhere between 12 and 17 in the nineties, or if you went to a school dance and shook to the macarena, you will find something to enjoy in Red Cordial Love.

Red Cordial Love is playing at the Fox Hotel as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival 2014. Go see it.


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