Anywhere Theatre Festival review: Rimmelzwaan, Robinson and White: Improvisers at Law

Presented by Impromafia

It was either good acting or the bland suits crinkled noses that lent an air of smarmy unlike-ability to the three performers lined up on stage as Rimmelzwaan, Robinson & White: Improvisers at Law. Whatever it was, it set the scene well for their stint as legal eagles using their imaginations, bodies and random accents to demonstrate real-life legal conundrums to us, the uneducated audience.

Improvisation as entertainment is not for everyone. It must be very difficult as a performer – either you are a natural or you work hard at your spontaneity and invention. For the audience, it’s theatrical pot luck. It could be one of the funniest nights you’ve ever had, it could be hard to find a giggle. It took a while for Rimmelzwaan, Robinson and White to warm up and the performers to bring out the whackier side of their creative minds. From a fairly incomprehensible beginning with wood sprites and hunters engaging in gun fights over British hunting laws, they moved to demonstrating the possible implications to the Royal Succession Act, these being human sacrifice and ‘German dark magic’. Traditional theatre is rarely as bizarre as improvisation and the Improvisers at Law certainly strayed into the nonsensical, but very funny.

There are four sections to the show; Criminal Law, where they acted out the ‘solutions’ to certain genuine cases brought before courts; Moot Point, where they debated two sides to a passionate issue such as freedom or equality; legislative Drama, where they acted out possible repercussions of legislation currently under deliberation by the Newman Government; and Community Forum, where they gave legal ‘advice’ on issues suggested by the audience.

A basic knowledge of rudimentary legal terminology or at least a repertoire of lawyer jokes would help with your enjoyment of the show, but it’s not necessary. Rimmelzwaan, Robinson & White: Improvisers at Law was funny and certainly entertaining. That’s the way of improvisation – you never know what you’re going to get.

Buy your tickets to Rimmelzwaan, Robinson & White: Improvisers at Law

Playing Thursday 15 May and Friday 16 May
Tickets: $15
Rating: 18+
Duration: 90 mins
Location: Fish Lane Studio at the Fox Hotel

If you enjoy improvisation, Impromafia are also performing the Brisbane Theatresports Championships this Saturday night at the Fox Hotel from 7:30pm. You can buy tickets and get more details through the Anywhere Theatre Festival website.


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