Beware the Glamazons of Forbidden Island!

Presented by Lady Marlene’s School of Arts
Review for the Anywhere Theatre Festival

Beware the Forbidden Islands, for there lurk the Glamazons! Glamourous, sexy women living on a deserted island with nothing to do but fashion sexy outfits and go-go dance. They may be beautiful, but beware the booby trap…

Image courtesy of Stuart Hirth. Taken from the Anywhere Theatre Festival website.

Image courtesy of Stuart Hirth. Taken from the Anywhere Theatre Festival website.

Forbidden Island: Adventures of the Glamazons is an hour of farcical comedy, underpants, disco dancing and innuendo. Two filthy pirates set off in search of a legendary island of beautiful (lonely) women and get a lot more than they bargained for. So does the audience. If you arrive early, it is good to get a seat near the front, otherwise you’ll miss some of the action. Though if you are in the front row, you get a lot of action. The Glamazons enter in tiny fur bikinis, looking and dancing as if Austin Powers and ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child had washed up onto the same shore. From these tiny beginnings, the strip tease begins.

It is best to see this show after at least one drink. The slightly crude, innuendo-heavy humour is laid on with a trowl; masts standing straight and true, throbbing volcanoes and moist undergrowth. If you’re in a sour mood, it won’t be funny. But watching this show, you won’t stay sour for long. Forbidden Island is definitely 18+ and prudes can stay away.

The show is true ATF, in the back room of a cafe, with sets falling down on occasion and slight mishaps adding to the humour. It is all the better for it. The performers are clearly enjoying every minute and love doing what they do. It is a joy to watch them show off and strut around the stage like sexy birds of paradise.

Part adventure, part disco, part burlesque and all the time utterly ridiculous, this is a hugely enjoyable show.

Forbidden Island: Adventures of the Glamazons in on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th May. Buy tickets through the Anywhere Theatre Festaival website.
Tickets: $25/$20
Duration: 75 mins
Rating: 18+. Licensed venue
Venue: Shady Palms Cafe, 427 Logan Road Stones Corner

“Please Note: This show contains burlesque, adult themes, course language, tasteful partial nudity, strobe lighting, feathers, fire and nuts … all of the fun stuff.” – The Glamazons


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