Brisbane’s Best Dumplings

Dumplings Galore! Image courtesy of

Dumplings Galore! Image courtesy of

Ever since Tom and I returned from Hong Kong we have become obsessed with dumplings. Chinese, Japanese..we aren’t choosy and with the recent explosion of dumpling restaurants around Brisbane we are clearly not the only ones! So I’ve compiled a list of Brisbane’s best joints to grab yourself a gyoza.

Happy Little Dumplings

With multiple locations around Brisbane, Happy Little Dumplings have you covered with a range of gourmet and vegetarian dumpling options, vietnamese rolls and steamed buns. I normally hit up the Barracks location (why leave your suburb if you don’t have to) and the service is always quick and friendly. The Chinese Chilli duck dumplings are to die for and you can follow up your dinner with a scrumptious Mango Pancake. Can you say yummo!

Brunswick Social

Cocktails, beer and wine? Check. Dumplings for all occasions? Yup. A An utterly adorable resident pooch called Mr Chow? WHY OF COURSE! Brunswick social is one of Brissie’s few late night dining destinations and it does it well. Ideally located in the Valley, it’s the perfect beginning and/or end to a night out and it offers scrumptious dumplings in a cool and relaxed atmosphere – an ideal joint for catching up with friends. Tip: Brunswick Social does get pretty busy so book a table if you don’t like queuing or being disappointed.

Brunswick Social. Image courtesy of

Brunswick Social. Image courtesy of

Bamboo Basket

Remember up above when I was raving about New Shanghai’s ahhhmaaazzing soup dumplings (Xiao LongBao)? Well brace yourself because this is Bamboo Basket’s SIGNATURE dish. Can you believe we are lucky enough to have these baby’s on both sides of the river? Bamboo Basket is well known for it’s extensive menu options and glass viewing kitchens and is a great dining option if you’re visiting South Bank – they also have plenty of space for group functions and events if you’re looking to celebrate something.

Harajuka Gyoza

Harajuka Gyoza has fun, fresh and modern decor, a relaxed vibe and the food is super tasty! You can choose from a selection of traditional Japanese dumplings alongside other Japanese menu options – and for dessert? You can’t go wrong when there is Nutella and Banana dessert gyoza on the menu! Harjuka Gyoza boasts a great range of Japanese and speciality beers or you can get into the sake before wandering down the road for a boogie.

Harajuka Gyoza Brisbane. Image courtesy fo The Courier Mail.

Harajuka Gyoza Brisbane. Image courtesy fo The Courier Mail.

New Shanghai

This place is hugely popular with the lunchtime crowds in the city centre and it honestly deserves it. It’s themed like a Chinese teahouse and although some might find this a little cheesy, I personally feel it makes the whole dining experience loads more fun.  The pork dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) at New Shanghai are truly delicious and super juicy – but beware when eating these – if you’re not careful, the delicious broth will squirt out when you bite into them!

Mizu Japanese Eats

Mizu has been around for years and is the only Japanese restaurant in Brisbane that my former boss would take his Japanese associates to for a meal – to me, that says something. Whilst I’ve only eaten sushi at this Tenerife favourite (which I can confirm was indeed superb), I’ve been told that the gzoya is a cut above the rest.  Plus, it’s right next door to Samson and Sophie so you could start your day at S&S for Breakie, go for a long riverwalk and then hit up Mizu for a lunchtime feast. Is that not a perfect way to make a food baby if there ever was one?

Asian Feast. Image courtesy of

Asian Feast. Image courtesy of

Sono Restaurant at Portside (or Queen St)

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, Sono is one of Brisbane premiere Japanese restaurants. Offering up a huge range of Japanese cuisine, Sono is renowned for its impeccable service and its beautifully plated, utterly delicious menu. The sushi platters are out-of-this-world and their seafood dishes are phenomenal (give me the Moreton bay bug NOW!). Whilst the setting isn’t really conducive to the more casual nature of sharing oodles of dumplings, it is the perfect place to treat yourself or to celebrate a special occasion. 


Love karaoke and delicious Japanese food? Wagaya should be at the top of your list! Not only is the food fantastic but it’s a ridiculously fun dining experience. You use a touch screen to order your food and drinks and you can hire out private Karaoke rooms to indulge in a bit of warbling over a few wines. From experience it does take a while to find the best songs on the machines so don’t give up if you don’t find Katy’s Perry first go…oh and the rooms aren’t 100% soundproof.

Want to add somewhere to this list that you feel is deserving? Let us know in the comments below! Happy eating everyone!

Dumpings. Best consumed with friends. Image courtesy of Broadsheet.

Dumpings. Best consumed with friends. Image courtesy of Broadsheet.

The Brunswick Social on UrbanspoonHappy Little Dumplings on UrbanspoonBamboo Basket on UrbanspoonHarajuku Gyoza on UrbanspoonNew Shanghai on UrbanspoonSono Japanese Restaurant on UrbanspoonWagaya on UrbanspoonMizu on Urbanspoon


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