Quickie CBD breakfasts: Gresham Bar and Marchetti

On Monday The Tattersalls Arcade got a little bit more lively when Marchetti opened its doors.

Marchetti Cafe Brisbane

The owner Michael Makras has been working in the Arcade for almost a decade and long felt that it needed a cafe. So he has brought a little bit of Italian art-deco style and flair into this pretty but little-visited corner of Brisbane’s CBD.

Marchetti is a tiny place, sitting only 6 inside and then with cafe tables and couches out in the arcade – so you can look at beautiful leather good while sipping your espresso. At the moment you can buy croissants or some more traditional Italian pastry such as Sfogliatelle. I had one and it tasted warm and freshly-made, very tasty, $8.5 with an espresso.

Marchetti Cafe Brisbane

Marchetti will begin a small lunch menu within a month or so, followed by afternoon drinks and snacks.

Marchetti Cafe Brisbane

The Gresham Bar is one of my favourite CBD bars. The atmosphere is convivial, the drinks are good and well-priced and joy of joys they have just started doing charcuterie boards. No wonder it is such a good place for a quiet post-work tipple.

A few months ago, Gresham Bar quietly started doing breakfasts, presumably so their regular after work crowd could book-end their working days in the same place.

These people will probably be back in 9 hours. I would be if I worked on Edward St.

These people will probably be back in 9 hours. I would be if I worked on Edward St.

The breakfast menu is not extensive. It’s various things on toast or a pastry, so don’t go here if you expect eggs and multiple fancy ingredients. The Gresham menu is really for the city worker who wants a tasty bite and a good coffee on the way to work without any added palava.

Sorry for the poor quality - my phone is not up to much.

Sorry for the poor quality – my phone is not up to much.

I had avocado on toast (with a coffee $8 or $9 for a large) and then because I have a big appetite in the morning, I had a danish, warmed up ($3). The coffee is Toby’s Estate, so it’s got a good flavour and they don’t charge for lactose free, soy or any other milk variation.

Avocado on toast and coffee Gresham Bar

I will be going back to Gresham soon I’m sure, and Marchetti next time I need a bit of Italian flavour to my morning.

The Gresham Bar on Urbanspoon



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