A splendid saturday at Spring Hill Deli


Spring Hill Deli feels like it’s one of Brisbane’s better kept secrets. This gorgeous cafe and deli is clearly popular amongst locals but despite driving past it’s red and gold facade on numerous occasions and breakfasting out most weekends, it has so far managed to to stay off my radar. Exactly how this has happened I’m not sure but I am very pleased to report that after eating there on the weekend I can’t wait to go back.

I mean, where else can you get a cappuccino with actual chocolate flakes on the top? Or rose flavoured hot chocolate for that matter?


Cappuccino Heaven

And let me tell you the meals are HUGE – the photo below does not do the sizing justice. I shared this avocado and feta on toast with my friend and in addition to being beautifully presented and utterly delicious, it kept me going for 6 hours!


Spring Hill Deli has a great variety on the menu and a lovely atmosphere. Over the four hours I was there (yes really) there was constant tables flipping and people coming in to purchase the scrumptious baked goods, but the venue remained a much calmer and relaxed environment than may other Brisbane cafes.

Whilst Spring Hill Deli’s food and atmosphere can’t be faulted there is another key ingredient that made this place so special for me: the decor. Think polished wooden floors, a bookshelf where you can trade 5 good books for a coffee and shade free lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. Of course there is also the stunning mural occupying the main cafe wall by local sign-writer extraordinares Frank and Mimi. This really sets the tone for the space and communicates exactly what Spring Hill Deli is about – fresh, local food that is delicious as it is good for you.

Do yourself a favour and pop this place in your diary for breakfast or lunch this weekend. You won’t regret it!


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4 thoughts on “A splendid saturday at Spring Hill Deli

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  3. I’m curious about the avo on toast ladies – went in today and the serving was really tiny for $14.5, with only one piece of bread. It was just odd seeing as our other meals were enormous. Is that two pieces I see in the pic up there?

    • Hi BNE Cafes – that is really odd 😦 We did have two pieces of toast with the meal – we actually split it in half and shared between two of us it was so big. Could it be because of the season? Avocados are more expensive now so perhaps they have changed their menu up? I would Facebook them if I were you to ask why because it doesn’t seem fair at all!

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