Brisbane’s best crafty DIY workshops

It seems that most women I know love getting crafty from time to time. After years of not picking up a brush, getting our hands dirty or ‘making’ anything except cocktails, we seem to be loving getting in touch with our creative side. Personally I always wish to be more creative and make things rather than buying them.

Below is a list of *some* of Brisbane’s best DIY craft workshops and a few more serious skill-development workshops. We hope you feel inspired to sign up for a course or two and re-kindle your creativity!


The Ministry of Handmade

The Ministry of Handmade does workshops in all the sorts of beautiful things you see on Pinterest and interior deign blogs. You can sign up to make lampshades, candle chandeliers or an ottoman. There are so many great options, it will be hard to choose. We have plans to sign up for a few classes as soon as we can decide on a fabric!

Workshops every weekend, varied costs between around $40 and $200, most parts included except for the fabric.

Image courtesy of the Ministry of Handmade.

Image courtesy of the Ministry of Handmade website.


Showroom has a very eclectic set of workshops for cooking, terrariums and so on. Prices between about $90-$120, almost all materials included, a few workshops every month.

Hands on Brisbane

Hands on Brisbane is one of those places you can make everything you’ve ever seen in Pinterest, with classes in screen printing, paper arts and the must-do terrarium tutorials.

Sew Gorgeous

Sew Gorgeous in Paddington is on a break while the proprietor is on maternity leave until September but their learn to sew classes fill up very quickly, so if you’re interested send in a request.

Image courtesy of the Sew Gorgeous website.

Image courtesy of the Sew Gorgeous website.

Margaret Adams Sewing School

Margaret Adams do courses in designing, making and altering garments. With regular short courses and masterclasses, you get personal attention with only a few people in each class.  They even do ‘Wardrobe Therapy’. I’m looking forward to booking into a class in the coming terms, brush up on my dress-making skills so I can make those vintage-style dresses I adore.

Francesca’s Flowers

Francesca’s Flowers hold occasional classes in the art of flower arranging, and if you’ve ever tried to do it, it really is an art! Follow them on Facebook for details.

Laneway Learning

‘Cheap fun classes on anything and everything’. Held on weekday evenings, only costing $12 and with a maximum of 20 people in each class, you can learn to make vegan chocolate, model clay or make speeches.

Image courtesy of the Laneway Learning website.

Image courtesy of the Laneway Learning website.

Bright Learning

Bright Learning do one day workshops and short courses on just about at topic under the sun, from massage to coding to travel photography. The classes are held at their offices in Teneriffe right next door to a cafe that makes delicious muffins and coffee. I’ve been to some of their classes and they are good, getting in local experts to do the teaching.

The Edge

Part of the Queensland Cultural Precinct, The Edge offers a range of workshops on things technical – WordPress, InDesign, coding for the web – and business – fashion and science,  screen and sound and marketing and small business.



3 thoughts on “Brisbane’s best crafty DIY workshops

  1. I’m definitely going to try my hand at sew gorgeous sometime soon but for those interested in their courses, they’re not up and running again until September. This is because the lady who runs them is currently on maternity leave.

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