British Fish and Chips in Brisbane


If you’re looking to experience the British seaside without leaving Brisbane, then I’ve found the place for you!

Chumley Warner’s might not be much to look at but it serves up traditional fish and chips that is bloody scrummy (that’s english for yum!). You can choose from cod or haddock and have your chips with salt and vinegar or curry sauce. There’s also mushy pea clusters and a variety of English softdrinks on the menu, along with Scottish specialties too!

Plus, this fish and chip shop is located practically next door to Britain on the Bayside which stocks a huge array of English treats and snacks including Damsen Jam and Lion Bars (run don’t walk people!).

Chumley Warner’s is a bit of a way from the city centre, but if you’re looking for a chilled out Sunday lunch pop it in your GPS system and go for a drive.




4 thoughts on “British Fish and Chips in Brisbane

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