A couple of current beauty faves

If your bathroom cabinet and beauty routine are in need of a ‘change of season’ shake-up, why not consider some of these products next time you’re at the shops. I use all of them on a regular (sometimes daily!) basis and can’t say a bad word about them. Read on to learn some of my current beauty favourites.

Barry M Gelly Polish

These were another holiday purchase and to my knowledge you still can’t get them in Australia – but hopefully they will arrive Down Under sometime soon. They have an amazing colour ranges and last on your nails for ages before any chips happen – if you can beg your friends travelling to the UK to pick you up some from Superdrug or Boots- do it!


Nivea In-shower body lotion

I am lazy when it comes to body lotions. Who seriously has time to sit and wait for it to dry? But noone wants dry and flaky skin – enter Nivea In-shower body lotion. I honestly LOVE this stuff. I whack it on in the shower after I’ve rinsed off my Original Source, then wash it off just before I get out of the shower. Soft, moisturised skin and barely any effort = winner!

L’Oreal Super liner

This is a great product for doing fine winged-liner and it has great lasting power. My only complaint is that I used mine up too quickly!

MAC lipstick in Crème Cup and Sunny Seoul

I bought these on my recent trip to Hong Kong and the UK and absolutely adore them both.

Crème Cup is a soft pinky-nude that looks equally great with a bit of bronzer or pale face. Sunny Seoul is more of a muted, pinky coral that is very pretty and great for everyday wear. I’ve been switching between the two and find their staying power and moisturising ability to be fantastic.


Kerastase Products

Anyone who colours their hair, or endures a never-ending battle with split-ends needs to get themselves some Kerastase products ASAP. Actually you don’t even need damaged hair, let’s say anyone with hair in general.

I have been using the Architecture range for a few months now and have noticed a huge improvement in my hair. I have the shampoo and conditioner as well as the treatment and can honestly say they really work. I am not a natural blonde and so my hair can get quite dry – especially coming in to winter. Since I’ve been using Kerastase I’ve noticed a real difference in how my hair feels and looks and I also have fewer split ends coming to the party. The products are pricey but they last for months and are worth it for the results. Consult with your hairdresser as to which range would best suit you before purchasing and you’ll be rocking’ an amazing mane in no time at all.

Original Source Shower Gel

I have loved and used these shower gels consistently for over 3 years. In the land of bath products I think that constitutes a pretty great, long-lasting relationship. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was originally drawn to the low cost of Original Source (it’s often on sale for $2 at the Supermarket) but it’s the amazing fragrances of the products that have kept me coming back. Lime is super fresh and zingy, Mint makes your skin tingle and the Raspberries and cream actually makes you smell like a candy shop without being sickly sweet – it is by far my favourite. Look out for it at Coles/Woolies/Bilo and try it out – it’s honestly a great buy! Plus Original Source also do hand-wash now too if you’re interested.


L’Oreal Silver Shampoo

This is the BEST blonde shampoo for keeping brassy tones at bay – no jokes. I use this once a week – one a fortnight depending on what I’ve put my hair through recently. I have read of some people who have left it on too long and had that slight purplish tinge to their blonde but I can’t say this has ever happened to me and I’ve been using it on and off for over two years. Brassy’s be gone!

So there you have it – my current beauty faves…what are yours?


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