The Twig and Berry, Newstead

It’s always nice when you get an unexpected message from your partner or a friend spontaneously suggesting you do something that night. When I got such a message one Tuesday afternoon, I did a quick scan of recent bar lists, seeing if there was anywhere new I should try (10 bars you may not have heard of, version 2 and 9 best winter cocktails) and decided it was time to try a new bar on our side of town – The Twig and Berry in Newstead.

Twig and Berry is buried underneath an uninspiring brick building. The bar makes up for the lack of character though, with a courtyard twinkling with fairy lights and inside a stylishly-knocked together spacious basement with comfortable chairs, rugs and the most wonderful wall paper I have seen outside European palaces.

The cocktail list was long and was mostly created for the bar. Husband had a Twig and Berry, a gin and Campari cocktail that packed a punch. The by-the-glass wine list was minimal but you can buy a good cheese platter to pick at while you chatted.

I’m sure it’s different on a weekend, but on the weeknight we visited, Twig and Berry had a sort of hushed vibe. All of us who were there just wanted to have a drink, chat with our friends and relax. Honestly, it was a nice change. It seemed that most of the people in the bar either lived or worked close by and this was their new local watering hole.

I would happily go to Twig and Berry again. For us, it was a nice quiet bar with good drinks and a great place to chill out and enjoy the company of friends. Not exactly a party atmosphere and sort of lacking in conviviality. But worth a visit and a nice addition to the Newstead bar scene.

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