Dutch Courage…a bar for gin lovers


United in our love for gin, on a recent friday night we headed out to shake our martini’s and celebrate the weekend at what will no doubt become our new favourite hangout – Dutch Courage Officer’s Mess.

Serving up 85 types of gins, Dutch Courage is Brisbane’s first cocktail, gin and tapas bar and it’s definitely something special.

With architectural design by Marc & Co (props to one of our close girlfriends who worked on the account), Dutch Courage pulls inspiration from the British military outposts – but there’s nothing stuffy or regimented about it. The atmosphere is chilled out and friendly, and the drinks go down very, very easily.


When we arrived at 7:30pm the place was packed to the rafters with people enjoying dirty martini’s and fresh G&Ts.We were lucky enough to quickly grab a spot to sit, before downing some ever lovely dry martinis, sweet G&T’s and my personal favourite the Kiwi Julip cocktail or ‘Happiness in a sip’ as I shall refer to it from now on.

The bar staff are super knowledgable and friendly and the ‘Gin menu’ is perfectly set out so you can choose your gin based on what you prefer – from citrus based flavours to floral, savoury, juniper, spicy and other. You can also pick your tonic and type of drink…and if gin’s not really your thing? You’ve got a bucketload of amazing cocktails to choose from and all your regular spirits as well.

We were heading out to dinner so we didn’t get to sample the bar menu, but I’m already making plans to head back and try to camel and some of the other share plates…because if it tastes as good as the cocktails and looks as good as the venue it will most definitely be a winner.

Dutch Courage is open:

Tuesday – Thursday: 4:00pm – late
Friday – Saturday: 4:00pm – 3:00am
Sunday: 4:00pm – late

Dutch Courage Officers' Mess on Urbanspoon


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