Weekend breakfast at Nana and Da’s

I have been reading recently that Brisbane’s Northside is the newest ‘up and coming’ part of town. Living Northside myself, I am delighted to hear it, particularly if this up-and-comingness includes places like Nana and Da’s in Kedron.

Nana and Da’s opened in early May, in the front half of a small Queenslander on your average suburban street in Kedron. I had been wanting to go since it opened doors so was pleased when Husband and I finally parked outside 9am on a recent Sunday morning.

All 20 or so tables in this small cafe were full but we didn’t have to wait long for another couple to finish up and we were offered coffees while we waited. The service was quick and friendly, our coffees coming out nice and fast though warm not hot.

The specials menu for the day we visited.

The specials menu for the day we visited.

I was very tempted by the special of lamb mince, but chose the coconut pancakes with grilled pears (figs when it came out) and Maleny yoghurt. Husband had chili beans with chorizo. Both meals and three coffees came to $40. The menu was small but inviting and I could have eaten anything, including the lunch menu very happily. Prices ranges between $9 to $18, most breakfasts around $12-$15.

Chilli beans and chorizo Nana and Da's

Coconut pancakes at Nana and Da's

Delicious Sunday morning breakfast at Nana and Da’s.

All up, we were only in the cafe for 40 minutes from when we stepped in the door to out again. I quite like that. I hate waiting for breakfast, I have no patience when it comes to my morning meal. If I want to sit around I’ll order extra coffee after feasting. In the short time we were there, tables around us filled and departed, all very busy and quick moving. Clearly they are a hit with the locals.

I really enjoyed my breakfast and Nana and Da’s and I hope to return very soon. Just as Kirst has added a new favourite to her list with Shouk Cafe, Nana and Da’s is my new favourite local.

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