Brisbane’s Best BYO Restaurants

We’ve all been there. You might be saving for a wedding (Kirst), an overseas holiday (B and Kirst), or a new car…but regardless of what you’re saving for or how tight your budget is you still don’t want to sacrifice your social life.

Enter the humble BYO restaurant – otherwise known as the socialising saviour!

These are our favourite BYO joints around town, so grab a friend and a bottle of wine from home and pick your spot.

Rhubarb Rhubarb, Wooloowin

Fancy french cuisine and BYO can go together and Rhubarb Rhubarb is the perfect example of it! Confit duck and Creme Brûlée wish some BYO champagne  make for the perfect celebratory dinner or date night…you can impress without blowing your budget…you can thank us later.

Sings Asian Kitchen, Rosalie 

Sings is quite possibly Brisbane’s worst kept secret…and in our opinion one of its best takeaway and BYO Asian restaurant.  They serve up a mixed menu of Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai Food so there is plenty for everyone. Our pick? Green Coconut Chicken fried rice…mmmmmm

Trangs Restaurant, West End

Trangs is well known around town for cheap, cheerful and utterly delicious Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. They’re open till late and the Pho is some of the best you can find around town. it’s also a great place to start your night before heading to some of Brisbane’s favourite West End bars like Cobbler, The Bearded Lady and S&G Fave – Jungle Bar!

Enjoy Inn, Fortitude Valley

Salt and Pepper Quail, Deep-fried Sol, Crispy Beef…need we say any more? Enjoy Inn is a China Town institution and while the décor and menu probably haven’t changed in over a decade, the quality of the food hasn’t either – it is utterly delicious! All your favourite Chinese dishes are simply waiting for you to devour! Go on, wash it all down with that cheap white wine you stole from your housemate.

Cafe De Siam, Paddington

This is without a doubt the best thai restaurant in Brisbane. The food is always fresh and amazingly delicious, the service is quick and the staff are always smiling. You will have to book on a Friday and Saturday night as it gets super busy but trust us you won’t regret it! All the dishes that come out of the kitchen are superb and their coconut ice-cream is phenomenal too!

Ok, let’s move away from Asian cuisine and head to the Mediterranean. How does Greece sound?

Lefkas, Highgate Hill,

If moussaka and baklava are your thing then you better get yo’self to Lefkas in West End. The servings are HUGE, the food is flavoursome and the bottle-o is very conveniently located nearby. The Baklava at Lefkas is next level so don’t go home without buying a piece!

Little Greek Taverna, West End

This place is a popular choice for West End Locals and visitors alike – and it is pretty clear why. Good Greek food. Share their Petro’s Mezethes Platter with a few friends over a couple of Mythos beers and you’ll almost feel as if you’ve been transported to Athens…

Caravanserai, Highgate Hill

Just down the road from Lefkas, you’ll find the lovely Caravanserai. This spot is popular for birthdays and celebrations because of its tasty Turkish food and great value banquet menus (on Tuesday’s you can get a 3 course banquets for $29.99 per person!). The food is great for sharing and there is loads to choose from…don’t forget to try the Turkish delight!

Our English Men are always keen for a curry so some good Indian joints were always appear on a list of our best BYO.

Punjabi Palace, West End

What’s not to love about a restaurant that’s themed up to the max and plays Bollywood videos on screen throughout? Punjabi Palace has an extensive menu and is a great night out with friends if you don’t mind a little bit of noisy (it gets busy!).

The Indian Kitchen, West End 

This place doesn’t looks like much from the street – in fact it looks like the sort of place many would avoid but don’t make that mistake! The food is cheap, delicious and the perfect thing to line your stomach for a night of drinking…if that’s how you roll. This is Brisbane’s number one ‘dirty curry’ for those who are looking for it.

Rhubarb Rhubarb on UrbanspoonSing's Asian Kitchen on UrbanspoonTrang Restaurant on UrbanspoonEnjoy Inn on Urbanspoon
Café de Siam on UrbanspoonLefkas Taverna on UrbanspoonLittle Greek Taverna on UrbanspoonCaravanserai on UrbanspoonPunjabi Palace on UrbanspoonThe Indian Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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