Brisbane’s Best ‘Theme’ bars

Looking for a watering hole that stands out from the crowd? Want to pretend you’re in a steamy Polynesia or party like you’re in the French alps? Well now you can without leaving the country…just visit one of Brisbane’s many themed up bars! Here’s our pick of the list below.

Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall

This bar has paved the way for the rejuvenation of Caxton St and whilst the invasion of bearded hipsters and relaxed venues won’t be for everyone – it is certainly a winner for us! Lefty’s has amazing live bands, some very attractive bartenders and a delicious Apple and Whiskey drink that goes down veeeery easy.  Just go.


Oh and just inside Lefty’s there is also the pretty spectacular…

Mermaid Lounge

A deep-sea themed bar within an American style old fashioned Saloon? Your mind is blown right? The Mermaid Lounge fills up quickly and I am certain it is due to the fact there is a shark hanging from the roof. It must be – either that or the replica ship on the bar right?! Or it could be they do pretty great drinks too…go an decide for yourself!mermaid-lounge-leftys-caxton-street-1

Alfred and Constance/White Lightening Tiki Bar

One of Brissy’s most popular spots for dinner or a night out, Alfred and Constance has a bunch ‘bars’ within the bar – including the White Lightening Tiki Bar where you can get lei’d every weekend and enjoy a cocktail served in a pineapple.

White Lightening Tiki Bar

White Lightening Tiki Bar

Dandy’s Rooftop Bar at The Fox Hotel

Tennis anyone? Dandy’s Rooftop bar is themed up like a 1970’s tennis club. There’s bright green floor mimicking that of the court, yellow tennis balls adorning the walls and colourful umbrellas and furniture throughout the space. It also boasts a gorgeous city view and is the perfect place to enjoy a couple of cocktails with friends.


Papa Jacks

A bit of the Creole South in Brisbane, the joints bursts with live music and southern cuisine. There’s a hefty menu to choose from, a selection of bottled cocktails and you can even ask for the ‘Bartender’s Choice’ where they’ll put together a cocktail of your liking to the value of your choice – a nice touch if you ask us!


Chalet Bar

For anyone who’s ever lived in or visited a snow town, I’m sure you’ll agree that there is something special about sharing a few drinks in a cosy bar after a day of #shredding. Whilst Brisbane might not have snow, we did recently acquire Chalet Bar – which is kind of the next best thing. There’s Skis and a fire place and yummy food and drinks…and anyone want ot meet me there for some Apres?

Chalet Bar Pic

The Retro Bar

The glorious 60’s and 70’s have been revisited at this Kenmore local. A superb fit-out will transport you back in time as you enjoy your Tommmy Collins with some retro rustic pizzas. They also have lots scheduded throughout the week including: movie nights, trivia nights, open mic comedy and live music.


Jungle Bar

This West End favourite takes the Tiki-theme to the next level. There’s carved wooden stools, bamboo weaved walls and not to mention some amazing tropical cockails to choose from. The staff are friendly and fun and flaming Hurricane cocktail is a favourite here at S&G to share amongst our friends.

jungle-bar-west-end-6Bavarian Beer Cafe

Although not really ‘themed’ in quite the same sense, the Bavarian beer café does have delicious, traditional and modern Bavarian meals and a huge range of Bier and schnapps. It is worth it alone just to go for the roasted pork knuckle. Wunderbar!

And there you have it – the best them bars in Brisbane…have we missed any? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!


The Walrus Club

If a darky and moody atmosphere, cuban cigars and a huge selection of rum sound like you’re kind of scene, this is your joint. Modelled on a prohibition era speakeasy of the 1920s, The Walrus Club is a gorgeous little hideaway and the perfect spot for a quiet date night drink…or three


Lefty's Old Time Music Hall on UrbanspoonAlfred and Constance on UrbanspoonDandys Rooftop Bar on UrbanspoonPapa Jack's on UrbanspoonThe Retro Bar on UrbanspoonJungle on UrbanspoonBavarian Bier Café Eagle Street Pier on UrbanspoonThe Walrus Club on Urbanspoon


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