S&G Guide to: our favourite DIY websites

When you have a day job that involves staring at a computer for 8 hours, then you go home and actively choose to stare at a computer for another hour (blog time), it is almost a joy to turn away from a screen and get busy with your hands.

Both Kirst and I wish we had more time to get creative and play and make. It’s fun, it’s nice to do something a little different and of course, it is so very satisfying to spend a couple of hours making something and being delighted at the result.

We recently posted a list of some of the best DIY workshops in our home town, Brisbane, but here is a list of our favourite DIY websites. Some have big projects, some you can buy kits to make at home, all are great for inspiring ideas that will make you want to run to your local craft shop and spend Sunday afternoon pinning and stitching.

a pair & a spare

Our favourite DIY site, not only do we love Geneva’s style, we’re also a little jealous of her Hong Kong lifestyle. Started for fun and fresh fashion DIY, the site also has some great travel guides for top Asian locations and an excellent guide to wardrobe rehab.


Handimania has an outstanding range of DIY for knitting, sewing, crafting, cooking, you name it. This includes some easy to follow instructional videos to make those tricky DIYs a little easier to follow. I’ve made their arm-knit infinity scarf and I love it!

A Beautiful Mess

The go-to site for anything and everything home DIY with a good deal of fashion DIY thrown in. If you love getting crafty or are looking for some inspiration and how to make your own amazing home decor, this is the blog to follow.

Frankie Magazine

Not only is Frankie a great read, they have an equally great website full of nifty DIY craft projects, design, travel, fashion, everything.  I have a list of saved DIY projects from this site I swear I am going to try sometime.

Urban Crafter

A little different, this is not a how-to website, rather Urban Crafter sell DIY kits for home. A perfect way to get you started or as a gift for a friend. You can also buy the kits in-store from Riot Art and Craft.

Paper & Stitch

Statrted in 2008 as a personal catalogue for inspiration, now a full-time job for founder Brittni Mehlhoff. She talks DIY, fashion, home decor and random interesting and prettiness. You can follow her on all social media.


A massive site, updated 6-8 times a day and followed by thousands of people every day. This site looks at everything home / lifestyle design so it’s much broader than DIY, but the DIY section has a lot of great sophisticated projects you can check out.




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