Spicers Peak Lodge – the perfect weekend escape

To celebrate our recent engagement, Tom and I decided to take some time out for ourselves away from all the excitement.  After receiving a Spicers gift voucher from a friend, we booked ourselves in to spend two nights at Spicers Peak Lodge in Maryvale.

I will admit, I was a little concerned at first. I have almost always escaped to the beach to relax and am a huge fan of the city break but the bush? With gum trees and scrub and cow pats? Not exactly my idea of romance. Thankfully I was quickly – and pretty spectacularly – proven wrong when we arrived at the Property.

Spicers Peak Lodge is just over an hour’s drive from Brisbane. The hotel is located on a top of a mountain and whilst the 12km journey from the main highway to the Lodge is a little bumpy, once you reach the top, your troubles really do melt away.

On arrival at the Lodge we were greeted by the acting Guest Services Manager Chloe with two glasses of champagne, before being whisked away to our Lodge Spa Suite – featuring our own in-room spa, fireplace and a complimentary mini-bar that was restocked daily…as you can imagine we settled in pretty quickly.

Peak Lodge is billed as the perfect place to relax, unwind and indulge, and we did exactly that.

We kicked our weekend off with a couples Hot Stone Massage at Spa Anise by the ever-lovely therapists Marianna and Cheryle. As it was both of our first times trying a hot stone massage we were a bit unsure what to expect but rest assured we are now converts and I am going to book another as soon as I can. It . was. amazing.

After begrudgingly vacating the spa for another couple to enjoy, we shared a picnic style platter for lunch before going for a wander around the grounds on the search for wallabies. This was a lovely way to spend the afternoon (especially after such a big lunch). We both found it very relaxing and we look forward to going back to explore some of the more challenging trails.

We made it back to our room in time to crack a bottle of wine and watch the sun setting over the scenic rim – an absolutely stunning sight as I’m sure you will agree.

At 6:30pm we made our way into the lounge/bar area to enjoy pre-dinner canapés and a G&T before being ushered into The Peak restaurant for our Seven-course Degustation Menu with paired wines. I can honestly say the food was phenomenal and it’s no surprise – The Peak was awarded One Chef Hat in both the 2014 Australian Good Food Guide and 2013 Queensland Good Food Guide. If you’re a foodie in QLD you must visit The Peak and spoil yourself.

The menu is ever-changing but some of the dishes we had included juicy and delicious Hervey Bay Scallops (to put this into perspective I normally absolutely hate scallops and would rather eat dirt but I could not get enough of these), tender and flavourful lamb, meaty King Fish. cripsy pork belly…all superb. It was a truly wonderful dining experience, we didn’t feel rushed during the meal and nor did we feel overly full – the balance was 100% perfect.

It’s no surprise that we slept like babies and woke up feeling energised on Sunday – despite the large amount of wine we’d had the previous evening. We chose to ‘relax to the max’ and after breakfast we returned to our room to drink copious amounts of tea, read on our private patio in the sunshine and when the weather got a little chillier we stoked the fire and cocooned ourselves in our room. At 1:30 it was time to head back to the Day Spa where we had booked in for the Trinity – your choice of three treatments. I had a relaxation massage, facial and pedicure and once again left an hour and a half later feeling blissed-out and happy.

We had elected to do a Sunset 4WD tour at 4pm so after a quick change we met our guide Alistair in the lobby. This was another highlight of our trip and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Peak Lodge. Alistair was so knowledgeable about the local floral and fauna, the property and the region and was happy to answer all our questions. Watching the sunset over the Scenic Rim from Ryan’s Lookout while toasting champagne and nibbling on a cheese platter was a truly special experience. The photographs just don’t do it justice.

We finished our day with another delicious dinner in Peak Restaurant and a few rounds of pool before retiring to bed for another dreamy sleep. As you can understand, leaving the following morning was hard…but we are already looking forward to going back.

Spicers Peak Lodge isn’t cheap but what it is, is a wonderful place to celebrate a special occasion or to simply get away from it all. It’s luxury and relaxation combined with superior service and it’s impossible to visit and not fall in love with the property and the region.

Do yourself a favour and consider it for your next break – just be careful to book early to avoid disappointment. I have a feeling you won’t be the only one wanting to visit.


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