The new Byblos at Portside


Last Thursday night, we were delighted to be invited to the launch of a newly renovated Byblos at Portside.

Along with three hundred other guests we enjoyed a Middle-Eastern extravaganza by the river, complete with a snake charmer, endless cocktails and bite-sized pastries, camels and belly dancers. 

The VIP guests were clearly having a good night and so for us, the people-watching was excellent entertainment. Personally, we can vouch that Byblos serve a delicious passionfruit, elderflower and vodka cocktail ‘The Marilyn’. They were the perfect accompaniment to mingling.

The food was enjoyable, a mix of the expected such as Sambusek (lamb mince, fried in pastry) and Rekakat (crispy cheese filo, delicious!) and the more adventurous, such as raw tuna cups and Kebbi Nayeh – a traditional raw lamb mince bite served on a slice of raw onion.

Neither of us had been to Byblos for a while, but re-visiting it now, we can say Byblos is a great choice, whether you’re looking for a place to share an intimate date night by the river, or some nibbles and evening drinks with friends, pay it a visit and say hi to Marilyn for us.


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