Brunch at Moose and Gibson – the best baked eggs you’ll ever eat


Amazing Baked Chorizo Eggs

Moose and Gibson in Wooloongabba has quickly become one of the darlings of the Brisbane cafe scene so it was the perfect brunch choice when we recently had visitors from Sydney and Melbourne.

On a rainy Brisbane morning, when the city wasn’t quite showing itself off to its full potential, we managed to impress our interstate friends with hot coffee, scrumptious food and of course some excellent company.

When we arrived at the cafe we’d clearly missed the early morning breakfast rush and as luck would have it we were seated straight away which meant no standing in the rain. Our waitress swiftly took our coffee and food orders and it wasn’t long before we were sipping on yummy cappuccinos to shake the winter chill from our bones.

I ordered the  Baked potted Eggs with chorizo which was the perfect size for me. I sometimes find breakfasts a bit big – especially if they are quite rich – but the two egg and chorizo phenomenon was just right…and it tasted bloody delicious!

This sentiment was echoed by another friend who ordered the baked eggs too. There is a reason why this is a signature dish.

Our other companions ordered the coconut panakes with caramelised banana and walnuts and the Mighty Mad Moose feast.

We all enjoyed our meals thoroughly and were  impressed with the quality of food as well as the price-point. Overall we all really enjoyed dining at Moose and Gibson and we will definitely be returning.

(*Apologies for the poor photos, we were very eager to eat and it was hard to snap a shot before everything was devoured)

The Mad Moose

Moose and Gibson on Urbanspoon


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