What’s Brewing at the Beer InCider Festival

With the weather warming up in Brisbane it’s the perfect time to partake in some responsible day-drinking, and lucky for us, Brisbane local Marty Keetals quit his job and organised a festival where you can do just that!

Next weekend Albion Park Raceway will not just be humming with cars, but with the excitement of thousands of beer and cider lovers descending on the inaugural Beer InCider Experience.

Beer InCider

Beer InCider will showcase 35 breweries, serve up over 130 beers and ciders and while you bask in the sunshine sampling a few coldies, you can listen to some killer tunes, take in a burlesque show, and demolish some gourmet food too!

We’re pretty sure this is the festival that dreams are made of and so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask Festival Director Marty a few questions about why he created Beer InCider and his tips for making the most of the festival experience:

So Marty, you have a pretty conventional business background, what made you make the change to beer aficionado?

I love craft beer and cider. I love the different flavours and that it is made locally by artisans. I also love events. The evolution of craft brewing in Australia gave me the opportunity to combine a couple of loves: craft brews and events.

What excites you most about Queensland’s brewing industry?

The people in the industry are passionate about what they do and genuinely want to support the local community. Brewers in these small breweries are artisans who take a huge amount of pride in their work and their product. I get most excited by the prospect of people in Queensland being able to enjoy fresh beer and cider made by people in their local community.

Was The Beer InCider Experience inspired by similar festivals elsewhere in the world?

I have been inspired by events like Good Beer Week in Melbourne and Brewsvegas here in Brisbane. The people who run both events are fantastic and have been nothing but supportive. Ultimately, Beer InCider Experience was inspired by my friends and our families – I just really wanted to create an event that combined great beers and ciders, gourmet food and live music – an event my friends and family would enjoy.

What are you hoping attendees will get out of The Beer InCider Experience?

We really want to focus on supporting the local community and to pass on that philosophy. All of the brewers are independent craft breweries. All of our caterers and food trucks are local. All of our music and burlesque acts are sourced locally too. As we say, ‘drink local, support local’.

Will The Beer InCider Experience become an annual event in Brisbane’s calendar?

It will be. We’ve already been thinking about next year’s event. That said, a good holiday and some ‘taste testing’ or ‘research’ for next year will need to take place first!

So I come to The Beer InCider Experience, what’s the ‘hot ticket’ of the festival?

Matt Kirkegaard’s tasting lunches will be a big hit. Matt’s Brisbane’s resident beer guru. Matt will guide our guests through a four course menu of fine food with matching craft beers and a cider to cleanse the palate. Tickets are available for only $65 and be purchased via our website www.beerincider.com. I’d be going to that lunch if I could! (check out the menu here)

Beer InCider with see local brewers Bacchus Brewing, All Inn Brewing, Newstead Brewing Co and Green Beacon joined by out-of-towners 4 Pines, Mountain Goat, Stone & Wood and Willie Smiths, offering not just a range of beers but cider as well, so everyone will be able to find a tipple to suit. And it’s not just about drinking. When you get hungry, food vendors such as The Bun Mobile, That BBQ Joint, Ben Devlin’s (formerly of Esquire and Noma) Beerkary, Peel St. Kitchen, Pizzantica – The Pizza Kombi, Bald Rock Beef Jerky and Dalton Hospitality will be on hand to provide you with mouth-watering eats.

Tickets for Beer InCider Experience are on sale through the website or at the door.  Soldiers with the Australian Defense Force can purchase two-four-one tickets. See website for details.

We’ll see you there…get ready to get tasting!



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