Kwan Brothers – a new favourite hang

Disco atmosphere at Kwan Brothers, Fortitude ValleyAs the newest addition to the Alfred and Constance/Alfred’s/Chester St Bakery family, Kwan Brothers opened with much anticipation a few months ago, and in that short space of time it has become one of Sunshine and Gin’s (and Brisbane’s) favourite hang outs.

And there’s little doubt as to why. With Hotelier and Bar Owner extraordinaire Damian Griffiths (who’s resume includes Limes Hotel & A&C) and designer powerhouse Alexander Lotersztain behind the amazing interior, Kwan Brother’s offers a unique and bold late night venue offering up delicious asian fusion meals…oh and it pumps out a huge range of 90s music on Friday nights. How could it not be a success?


I mean you can enjoy Pineapple fried rice with a side of Mmmbop! Or if you prefer, to belt out the Backstreet Boys whilst digging into your BBQ Salmon in a Banana leaf that’s ok too. Oh and for the record both of these dishes are top quality for taste – as are the Tiki Pork belly skewers, the Korean Fried Cauliflower, the Crispy duck Spring Rolls, the Salt and Pepper Squid and the Banoffee Pie.


You can view the full menu here and whilst I can’t vouch for the items I haven’t eaten I am willing to put money on the fact that  they too are super duper, scrumdiliumptious! Plus the menu incorporates dishes from Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and China so there is a huge variety of flavours to satisfy your tastebuds.

To go into further detail the pineapple fried rice comes in an actual pineapple half. Like WOW!


Oh and that Salmon I was talking about? Yeah. No words can describe how good this was. I mean look at it.


Oh and if you want it, baby they’ve got shared cocktails too…which are always a good idea when you visit with your friends after a few G&T’s at Dutch Courage

Kwan Brother’s is the perfect place to start (or end) your evening – the food is tasty and great for sharing with friends, the music is pumping, the lights are low and the decor is fun and different. I will mention one downside to Kwan Brother’s and that is that the service we’ve received on most of our visits hasn’t been overly outstanding but in all fairness the place as been absolutely rammed full of people (so it is sort of understandable) and the food and atmosphere more than make up for this shortcoming. Whilst it’s certainly not the place for an intimate low-key dinner or a quiet night, it’s a whole lotta fun so if you haven’t been…you should.


Kwan Brothers on Urbanspoon

All Images courtesy of Kwan Brothers.


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