Brisbane’s best cafes & restaurants with wi-fi

If you often find yourself racing around town with your laptop or tablet working on overdrive it’s likely that at some point you’re going to need to access a wi-fi connection..and potentially a strong coffee or a stiff drink.

Well rest assured, because Sunshine and Gin have put together a list of reliable places around Brisbane-town that offer just that. Read ahead for a round up of our favourite Brisbane cafes and restaurants offering wi-fi.

One of Brisbane’s first and few underground café bars. Serves up excellent coffee, good food, a wide selection of drinks (we may have shared a few bottles of wine here in our time) and lots of little corners to hide yourself away in for laptop time.

Scratch Bar
Enjoy a beer whilst you slave over that end of month report…or more likely use their free wifi to download youtube videos to watch with your friends in the comfort of the bar – hey it’s almost like being in your living room.

Spring Hill Deli
We’ve spoken of our love for the cappuccino’s and hot chocolates at Spring Hill Deli so it’s no surprise that it’s at the top of our list for our next S&G blog date. Delicious breakfast, a friendly atmosphere and a strong internet connection – what could you want?

Shouk Café
Kirst’s love for Shouk is already out of control, but the fact we’ve just discovered they have wi-fi? It’s officially her new home away from home….and she’ll have a goats milk panacotta to celebrate thanks.

Hoo Ha Bar 
Sit back, relax and enjoy yourself at Hoo Ha Bar. This place can be packed to the rafters or the perfect peaceful spot to catch up on your email. Delicious breakfasts is all that needs to be said. Oh and bearded men. Lots of bearded men.


The sister cafe of Wooloongabba’s Brown Dog Cafe, Plenty offers fresh, locally sourced produce (the chicken coleslaw salad is a favourite of ours), suspended coffee and free wifi. It’s pretty much a superhero cafe don’t you think?

The Rogue Rennard / Remy’s

Living just up the road from this place, it is always busy 0 but also highly recommended. So if you can, grab yourself a seat and take advantage of the great coffee and small but delightful menu while you Skype your sister in London.

Famous for its healthy menu and ‘local is best’ produce policy, Sassfrass is the an ideal spot for a lazy lunch over your laptop in the sunshine or a simply spot of breakfast catching up on your favourite blogs.  Beware of the scrub turkeys!

Can you think of any more cafes, bars, or restaurants you think  should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll investigate and update!

Brew on UrbanspoonScratch on UrbanspoonSpring Hill Deli and Produce on UrbanspoonShouk Cafe on Urbanspoon
Hoo Ha Bar on UrbanspoonPlenty on UrbanspoonThe Rogue Rennard on UrbanspoonSassafras Fine Foods on Urbanspoon


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