Breakfast at Brother Espresso

I love receiving breakfast invitations. Just out-of-the-blue emails inviting you to try somewhere new on a Thursday morning.

I received just such an invite a couple of weeks ago and we decided to try Brother Espresso on Margaret Street, a little out of the way for me in the morning, but I had heard good things about the Brother Espresso group (Brother Espresso, Bread and Butter and Fifth Battery).

Brother Espresso on Margaret St

It was a cold rainy morning and I arrived late, partly for the rain and partly because a group of tourists stopped me to take photos of me in the street. I’d love to imagine I’ll end up on a street-style page somewhere but more likely I’ll just be taking up valuable space on someone’s SD Card.

Brother Espresso is tucked inside one of the precious remaining brick buildings in the CBD, long and thin with the look of a storehouse with high ceilings and a huge wooden door leading to the back alley.  There was a lot of space of diners but it felt warm and welcoming rather than all cold steel and noisy tiles.

Inside Brother Espresso

Our coffees came out nice and fast, our food followed soon after. We were three – I had the ‘menu’ avocado on toast with some sliced tomato, basil and lashings of lemon ricotta. My friends had the bircher museli, for which they were happy to provide extra yoghurt, and the mince on toast, which looked huge and a perfect choice for a cold rainy day. My only problem with my avocado toast was the toast was cut very thick. I appreciate the generosity, but thick sourdough resists being cut. The flavours were good though and it hit the spot.

Avocado on toast at Brother Espresso

My soy flat white was surprisingly thin but creamy for soy. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but honestly, that’s how it tasted.

Soy flat white and daffodils

Brother Espresso is at 127 Margaret Street, open from 7am Monday – Friday, closed on weekends. I would happily go to Brother Espresso for a pre-work breakfast.

For more Brisbane breakfast reviews, one of my companions blogs over at Braking for Breakfast.

Brother Espresso - Watson's Building CBD on Urbanspoon



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