The perfect start to the weekend at Raw Paw Paw

The Venzin Group can really do no wrong. This has again been proven with the opening and subsequent popularity of Raw Pawpaw (the younger sister to Pawpaw Café and Little Pawpaw).

Raw Pawpaw has been delighting Brisbanites for a few months now and it’s no surprise. The food is healthy and delicious, the service is friendly, the café is laidback and super cute…I could go on but it’s easier to simply show you.

Does this not look like the best breakfast ever? It was.

Brunch at Raw PawPaw

Brunch at Raw Pawpaw

I’ll be honest, it’s not anything I couldn’t put together myself at home and I normally like to go out and order stuff I can’t make but this Lifestyle Board was worth every cent of the $14 I paid for it. It was the perfect breakfast to start my day. Simple but delicious. Light but very filling. Overall? Just. Plain. Yum.

Tom had an Acai bowl which was also delicious…it looked like this. Can you say Amazeballs?

Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl

Oh and between us we also had two coffees, a green smoothie and a banana-coconut smoothie which was super tasty. I wasn’t 100% sold on the Green Smoothie because I like my greenies without vital greens but you can’t have everything.

Raw Pawpaw has the philosophy of “treating your taste buds by treating your body” and that is honestly the key to its success. The food that comes out of the kitchen makes you feel great!

After our breakfast at Raw Pawpaw both Tom and I were full of energy, we were really happy and felt satisfied and I’ve already made plans to go back again to try more.

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