Lunch at Ben’s Burgers

Ben's Burgers

Ben’s Burgers

Winn Lane is potentially Brisbane’s hippest hangout. It also happens to be home to Ben’s Burgers – which is without a doubt Brisbane’s best looking burger joint.

If ever there was a place that made American style burgers look classy and cool it’s Ben’s….oh and they taste pretty great too!

Ben’s Burger’s has been open a few months now so I felt it was only time to see what all the fuss is about. I’d read a lot of very mixed reviews and I can honestly say I experienced both sides of these.

My fiancé and I went for lunch one recent Sunday and we ordered two Burgers – one gluten free Classic, one Special – along with some fries to share and a homemade cherry cola. A darn good Cherry cola…

But let’s talk burgers. Now I’ll admit I’m not the biggest burger fan but I was pretty impressed with Ben’s. My burger was like a tastier, meatier, bigger and better version of a Big Mac/Cheeseburger cross. The gluten free bun was probably the best I’ve tried and the meat patty was cooked perfectly

Combined with some chips and that cherry cola it made a pretty satisfying lunch – even if I couldn’t finish it.

Tom also enjoyed really enjoyed his burger and we both liked the look and feel of Ben’s and its laidback atmosphere. I’d love to leave our experience at that but I have to say that whilst the food was good, Ben’s is let down a little by its customer service. The wait staff seemed pretty disinterested in looking after people and didn’t do basic things like wiping down tables when they flipped or even really even talking to customers. Not a huge deal but if they were to change this one element it would have improved our experience a great deal.

I would recommend Ben’s Burgers for a lazy weekend lunch with friends or even a late night dinner and when you do go…get a cherry cola will you?

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