The Weekly G&T

It’s Weekly G&T Time: ready, set, read!

  • Just last night I was driving through the city when a stunning lightshow on the Commissariat Store caught my eye. It was part of the G20 Colour Me Brisbane Celebrations which is lighting up some of our city’s most iconic landmarks. If you’ve ever been to Vivid Live in Sydney, this is the same kind of thing – visually stunning and fun so get out there and enjoy!
  • Love Fashion? Get yourself to James St Resort Trail Blazers this Saturday.
  • Sunday marks the 1st Birthday of Beerkary at Scratch Bar which was incidentally featured in our round up on Brisbane’s Best Cafes and Bars with Wi-fi.
  • At S&G we are great lovers of all things British (okay mainly the men…) so we are already getting excited for the British Film Festival to arrive in town. It’s on at the Palace from 6-16 November. What films will you see?
  • Love live music? Check out Brisbane’s latest live music venue The Motor Room.
  • The internet can sometimes be amazing. Say hello to Marcel the Shell.
  • On Wednesday night, I was lucky enough to attend the debut screening of PRIDE at fabulous Blue Room Cinebar. This is a very special film. It’s poignant, it’s funny and it’s based on an amazing true story. Go and See it.
  • Fish Lane at South Brisbane is set to go from a disused lane way to the home of a pizzeria, bar and bistro. 
  • BLOG OF THE WEEK: it’s a tie between Pepper Passport (her zucchini and haloumi fritter recipe is legit the best thing ever) and an old favourite of ours J for Jen who we would totally be friends with in real life if we lived in the same city!



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