Lunch at Remy’s in Paddington


Today, summer well and truly arrived in Brisbane – it was bloody boiling.

Thankfully, the G20 long weekend meant that most of Brisbane escaped to the beach so whilst it was hellishly hot, it was also lovely and quiet.

Living in Paddington, we decided to take advantage of the unusual lack of people (seriously on weekends our ‘burb is normally packed) and walked up our hill to lunch at the ever popular Remy’s.

Formerly known as The Rogue Rennard, Remy’s bill’s itself as ‘a neighbourhood place where you come to enjoy yourself with friends over some tasty drinks and simple food.’

And that lovely readers it exactly what you get. Great food, cool drinks and a relaxed atmosphere – the perfect antidote to Brisbane heat.

I tried the Chicken Tortilla’s and Tom had the Cheeseburger. Both were simple, delicious and super satisfying despite not being huge in size (seriously who feels like a massive meal when it’s 40 degrees?).

Tom actually declared his burger was better than ones he’d had at both Chur Burger and Ben’s Burgers which is a big compliment if you ask me – knowing how much he enjoys the burgers at those joints.

We had ice cold Stowford Press ciders with our meals – naturally the Englishman was quite excited to see a British Cider on the menu – and these quite literally chilled us out…along with the reggae and old school tunes that were playing.

Overall, we really enjoyed our lunch at Remy’s and can’t wait to take advantage of some of their Happy Hour specials – or their free BBQ on Sundays at 3:30pm. I’d highly encourage you to wander on down if you’re in the neighbourhood or organise your next brunch, lunch, or catch up drinks there – you won’t regret it!


IMG_0190 IMG_0195
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