New York street food at Red Hook

A couple of weeks ago when Brisbane had a cracker of a storm (not the one on 27/11), I like many other locals was stuck on a train, then at a station, with no way to get home. So I did what any sensible person would do – I took myself out for a drink and dinner until the traffic started to move.

First stop was The Gresham Bar, a perennial favourite of mine. I like that I can just order the house red and know it’s good. So I drank some red and read the book I always have with me on a train.

After my glass I walked down Gresham Lane to Red Hook for dinner. I had been to Red Hook once before with Husband for lunch we’d had the burrito ($10) and the Brooklyn cheeseburger ($12). The burger may not have been to everyone’s taste but I loved that it was a straight up, no-fuss burger dripping in sauce and with huge slices of pickle. It really hit the spot and I’ve was caving it for a week afterwards.

Red Hook

For dinner I ordered duck tacos – duck is my favourite meat, I find it almost impossible to go past on a menu. The tacos were rich, meaty and satisfying. For $16 you got two large duck tacos in soft shells, perched in a cute truck-shaped holder to keep them upright. Most enjoyable for a quick, spontaneous meal.

The richness of the fare at Red Hook may not suit everyone but I enjoy it and find it really satisfying. Burgers, fries, Jamaican-inspired, and with the options for a beer or wine while you’re there. If that tickles your taste-buds you should pay them a visit one night.

The owners of Red Hook and Public are about to open their latest venture this week – Coppa Spuntino in the CBD will serve Italian fare and will surely be worth a try one night soon.

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