Date night at Wagaya

Last Friday night, I grabbed my plus one and we headed into Chinatown for date night. We started off with a quick drink at Sabotage Social before skipping along to our booking at Wagaya at 6pm.

Wagaya has been popular amongst Brisbanites for a few years now. I’ve eaten there for Birthday parties, work functions, karaoke with friends and now a dinner date and there are two things that remain consistent great regardless of the function: firstly the delicious and reasonably priced food and secondly, the service.

Friday night was no exception – we kicked off our dinner with the homemade gyoza (dumplings). Now if you know me in real life, you probably know how I feel about dumplings and these juicy, crispy morsels are one of my favourite things on Wagaya’s menu.

It started the meal on a pretty high note for me because a.) dumplings, and b). these golden packages of heaven had what I like to call ‘structural integrity’: meaning the wrapper stayed in tact under the force of the chopsticks and held in all the super tasty filling. Winner!

We decided to follow up our dumplings with a Char Siu (BBQ Pork Japanese Pancake). I hadn’t eaten one of these before and was pleasantly surprised – it was pretty much a potato rosti. I enjoyed the pancake but I would have liked to see perhaps a better cut of pork on the top of the pancake. They had used very thinly sliced pork belly but unfortunately it meant it was a lot of fat and not so much actual meat on the top of the pancake.

Next up we hit the sushi big time. I am a sucker for soft shell crab so we ordered Softshell Crab spider rolls as well as seared Kingfish roll with miso sauces, the Chicken cutlet crunch roll and the prawn tempura and avocado roll. The great thing about Wagaya is the fact that for many of the sushi dishes you can order either 3 or 6 rolls – so you can try loads of different dishes!

All the sushi was superb but the spider roll was by far my favourite – it was crispy and delicious with LOTS of soft shell crab (literally it was piled on top of the rolls). Just look at it….so delicious!


Spider Roll

On a whim, we also decided to order the Ox tongue Roll from the new menu. Now I had never tried Ox tongue before so I was pretty nervous to say the least but it was very rich and flavourful. I enjoyed it but I certainly couldn’t eat more than two rolls – it was so very filling.

We were completely stuffed after such amazing food, but what is a date without dessert? So dessert we had! We tried the Wagaya assorted dessert which included some drool-worthy sesame seed icecream, an unusual green tea cheesecake and a sort of bean curd cake. It was the prefect way to finish off our meal.

Disclaimer: We were invited as guests of Wagaya to enjoy a complimentary meal with the purpose of blogging about our experience. This in no way influences our opinion which will always remain an honest account of our experience.

Wagaya is open 7 Days for Lunch from Noon – 5pm. Dinner (Sun-Thurs) 5- 10pm, (Fri-Sat) 5 – 10:30pm. If you’d like a ‘virtual tour’ of Wagaya you can click here.

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