Brisbane’s Best Coffee

Coffee. To some it is simply a hot beverage, but to others it’s a life source – a miracle elixir that wakes us from our slumber and tastes like nectar of the gods!

So for the coffee lovers out there, I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing worse than ordering your morning brew from a cute barista and ending up with a watering, foamy, bitter mess.


So to help you avoid having to cry into your KeepCup, We’ve put together our list of Brisbane’s Best Coffees. Please remember that this list is by no means definitive – there are so many places in Brissie serving up great coffee that we could have included about another 20!

Bellissimo Coffee

Located on Wandoo St in the valley – Bellissimo often has a small queue out the front waiting patiently for their cup of jo. They roast a huge selection of coffee beans and also have some top-notch sweet and savoury snacks to compliment your coffee.

Campos, New Farm

Campos was one of the first cafes to serve really great coffee when Brisbane began to shake off it’s ‘Big Country Town’ image. It’s still a firm favourite for good food and even better coffee….oh and they also do some pretty delicious smoothies.

Tall Short Espresso

Like many Paddington locals, Kirst and her fiancé absolutely love Tall Short Expresso. A café by day and bar at night Tall Short does very, very good coffee plus you get a mini gingerbread baby with your drink! On top of that they give you 50c off when you bring your KeepCup. They also sell KeepCups in store if you want to join the sustainable coffee movement…and they’re dog friendly too.

Small Talk Espresso

This whole in the wall café is super cute and has some of the loveliest barista staff in Brissy. They’re super friendly, make fantastic coffee and are also one of the few external suppliers of Jocelyn’s Provisions! So if you’re dying for a Salted Caramel Cupcake with your cappuccino this is the place for you!

Gramercy Coffee

Gramercy have given so much to Brisbane – green juices, perfect pastries, their sister café Irving Place and of course creamy, satisfying coffee. This is a favourite of ours for a pre-work breakfast catch up thanks to its consistently great food and surprisingly peaceful location. They no longer serve soy milk though, which makes B a little unhappy.

Atticus Finch

This puppy-friendly café (seriously have you seen all the pooches they post on facebook?!) is in the heart of Paddington. With beautifully painted walls by Frank and Mimi, delicious coffee (if not a teeny bit pricey) and exceptional food (check out Kirst’s review from her visit here) – Atticus Finch is a must visit for Brisbane coffee lovers.

John Mills Himself

Tucked away in a hard to find spot, John Mills Himself is one of Brisbane’s best (or worst) kept secret bars. This could be because you sort of feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you walk through the door. Or it could be because this tiny joint is not just a great spot for an after work wine – the fancypants bartenders also double as baristas! So you can start and end your day in the one place…sounds appealing yes?

Hoo Ha Bar

We’ve written about the lovely bearded men, scrummy food and good brews at Hoo Haa Bar in this post. But it deserves another mention simply because, well – it’s great!


B would have a Blackstar cold-press coffee on her way to work every day of summer if she could. The cafes – in West End and the CBD – are bare-minimum set up but the coffee is great and the cold press exceptionally good and refreshing. You can buy their beans at good prices too.

West End Coffee House

Good coffee, good food – a Brisbane institution without a doubt. Everything they serves tastes good and the relaxed West End Vibe hasn’t left this place, making it a terrific spot to chill-out of a morning.

Finally, if you’re a real coffee fiend you need to check out Bean Brewding’s League Table which ranks South East Queensland Coffee shops and cafes. These guys are serious coffee aficionados and offer excellent, detailed blogs about the local bean scene – a great blog to follow for all the local coffee lovers out there.


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