Gordita: good food, great service

I’ve worked a few weekend shifts recently, in the lead up to Christmas. A couple of weeks ago after a long day, Husband picked me up from we and we spontaneously decided to go out for dinner. Nothing fancy, but we did want to try somewhere new.

We wound up at the M&A Building in the Valley, mostly because we found a free car park. We poked our nose in at Gerard’s Bar but wanted something more substantial, so we decided on the extremely busy Gordita.


Now, before we go any further, I want to get straight to what impressed us the most about our trip to Gordita: the service. We often don’t comment on the service in a restaurant because unless it’s terrible or exceptional, we don’t notice it. The service at Gordita was exceptional. Because the restaurant was so packed, we were seated a little out-of the way, in the sort of spot you might be forgotten. But the wait staff served us promptly, they filled our water whenever it ran out, they checked if we wanted anything more and were happy with the food, despite being very busy and, we found out later, short-staffed.

So even though I am about to say other nice stuff about Gordita, that was the stand-out for the night – excellent service. It matters and it makes a difference.

So, after ordering a gin and tonic and a glass of Spanish red we settled on just a couple of platters for a light dinner. We ordered the Cerdo a la Gordita: Pork Belly w/ Octopus, Tomato & Dried Onion Salsa ($16), Croqueta De Manchego y Patata Con Pesto Rojo: Potato & Manchego Croquette, Red Pesto, Aioli ($14) and a side of Brócolini Con Almendras Marcona: Broccolini, Chili, Garlic, Almonds ($14). The food was tasty and very freshly made. The dishes come out as they are ready from the kitchen so we were prepared to wait, considering how busy the restaurant was, but it all took less than 15 minutes to arrive. Our small order was sufficient for the two of us as a light meal. Don’t get me wrong, we wanted to order more and had a serious discussion about a second round or dessert, but we resisted.

The food and overall atmosphere at Gordita makes me want to go back and spend an evening there. The service turned our quiet little dinner into a very enjoyable experience. It would have been nice to sit inside at the bar and watch the action but outside was pleasant in the breeze.

A proper review with photos to come once I persuade some of my friends that it would be the perfect place for a fun dinner one Friday night.
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