2014: a year in review

2014 was a big year for us both here at Sunshine and Gin and oddly enough, starting a blog together was one of the least dramatic parts of it!

In 2014 we both of us started new jobs. One of us moved house, one of us got engaged. We went to so many 30th birthday parties! We did all the usual every-day stuff of making new friends, trying new restaurants, learning how to cook new recipes and of course, we started a blog.

Happy engagement to us!

We launched Sunshine and Gin in January 2014 but we were a little slow to really get into it. Even though it’s fun, blogging is time-consuming! We didn’t get serious until May when we  may the decision to knuckle down and started posting regularly about Brisbane, travel and enjoying life to the full.

Since May, we’ve gathered over 1,000 followers (!!!). Thank you to everyone who follows us on WordPress, email, Facebook and instagram! We still get excited when we get new followers and we appreciate you liking our work and reading what we have to say. We’ve ended the year as the #6 most popular Brisbane blog on Urbanspoon and we’re pretty happy with that, though our plus ones are still getting used to us photographing our food.

Our most popular posts in 2014 were:

  1. Eat, drink Brisbane
  2. Brisbane’s Best BYO restaurants
  3. Brisbane’s Best dumplings
  4. Diner en Blanc 2014
  5. DIY floral cake topper
B, Kirst and their friends Gabi, Claire and Gemma in the Weekend Edition photobooth.

B, Kirst and their friends Gabi, Claire and Gemma in the Weekend Edition photobooth.

So, onwards to 2015!

What will 2015 hold? Career developments in our families, holidays to Europe, a lot of blog-time and of course a wedding! It’s going to be another big year.

Some people love making resolutions, some don’t. Personally, I set myself goals for the year – which I often don’t achieve – and just one ‘resolution’ of something to aim for or try in the year ahead. My resolution for 2015 is a little self-centred, but here it is:

In 2015, I want to learn how to look better in photographs.

I am going to two weddings in 2015 and I will be in a lot of photos at each of them. I don’t like the way I photograph so I am determined to figure out how to look better in photos. Sure, it isn’t world-changing but it is achievable. Other goals are to do with improving eating habits, brushing up on my German and hitting my savings targets – all the usual.

Sydney Opera House

Self with National Monument.

And how about the blog?

In 2015 we’re going to give our blog a bit of a facelift, so watch out for the new-look S&G. We’re going to be writing about travels in Jerusalem, Bangkok, England and Montenegro among other places. We’ll be trying out new places to eat and drink in Brisbane as they appear and making sure our most popular reviews are kept up to date.

Thank you all for a pretty amazing year. We hope you’ve come through 2014 with some good stories, new experiences, a year older and a little bit wiser.

Happy New Year to you all!

With love and thanks from B and Kirst

Out on the town and about to hit a Kareoke Bar

Out on the town and about to hit a Kareoke Bar


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