The Weekly G&T

And we’re back! Whilst we both feel a little like 2015 started without us, we’re slowly getting back into the swing of things which means that it’s time for our first Weekly G&T of the year. Grab yourself a cold-pressed juice, its time to detox

  • The New Year is a great time to set  goals, try new things and ‘tick stuff off’ your list of things to do. So if you’re looking for some fresh ideas to accompany the  resolutions you made on the 31st(no doubt in a drunken haze) why not check out The Ultimate Australian Bucketlist or Brisbane’s Breakfast Bucketlist – we can guarantee they’ll be a lot more fun than chin ups and marathon training!
  • Ohhh SNAP! Queensland’s State Election has been called and will be held on January 31st. Better get enrolled if you’re not already.
  • This weekend venues all over the Sunshine Coast Hinterland are opening their doors to eager Brides (and Grooms?) for a Hinterland wedding showcase. Maleny Manor, Wedding’s at Tiffany’s (Kirst is getting married here!), Spicer’s Closely Estate and Spicers Tamarind are all involved and there’ll be flowers, competitions, and fashion parades galore. If you’re looking at getting’ hitched’ in this beautiful region, take a drive up and check it out…plus there’ll be heaps of free food!
  • Love cycling? Check out the Freewheeling Exhibition at the Queensland Museum.
  • Amazing Fashion Illustrator Kerrie Hess is the featured artist in QAGOMA’s Future Beauty ‘Meet the Artist’ Event on Sunday January 18th. Phone (07) 3840 7280 for tickets.
  • The RSPCA Pop Up Adoption is coming up soon so if you’re looking for a new family member be sure to add this date to your dairy.

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