A reading challenge for 2015

I love reading. I read every day without fail. Of my recent ten day holiday, two of the best days were when I spent the entire day reading – on the couch, in bed, on the beach. It was bliss.

I am quite diverse in what I read: I like a challenge, I like reading serious literature and I adore histories and good biographies, but I do need to mix it up with good detective stories and light literature as well. So when a very good friend of mine – the only person I know who reads more than me – told me about a reading challenge she had found online and taken up for 2015, my interest was instantly peaked and after hearing about it, I decided I wanted to take up the challenge as well.

What happens when I ask for books for Christmas. And my family knows about my holiday plans.

What happens when I ask for books for Christmas. And my family knows about my holiday plans.

There are lists and challenges like this all over the internet but the one she sent me is from PopSugar. It is a list of 50 types of books or book categories and the challenge is to read one of each category before the end of the year. Reading one book and striking off multiple categories is cheating and really, this is a great opportunity to read books you might not have otherwise.

The challenge is not just to read 50 books in one year, but to challenge yourself to read outside your comfort zone.

Categories include a book with a colour in the title, one written over 100 years ago,  a Pulitzer Prize winner, a book published this year, a popular author’s first book and a book based entirely on its cover. The full list is below. If you like reading yourself, why not take up the challenge?

I am currently reading ‘Questions of Travel’ by Michelle de Kretser. It will tick off ‘A book I started but never finished’. Fittingly, I have started reading another book at the same time, thus hindering my ability to finish ‘Questions of Travel’. I have just purchased a collection of Jane Austen’s unpublished works, which will be my ‘A book from an author you love but haven’t read’.

Do you have a love of reading? If you take up the challenge, I would love to know what you choose!

2015 reading challenge list



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