A tasty Friday lunch at Julius Pizzeria

It’s a little sad that it has taken me so long to try out Julius Pizzeria, which opened in South Brisbane around the time of G20 in November 2014.  It’s so close to my workplace, I have no excuse except it was always so busy!

Julius Pizzeria come to us from the owners of Beccofino, a well-loved landmark on the Brisbane dining scene. It is the first of a long list of restaurants, cafes and bars coming to Fish Lane over the coming 12 months.

Julius Pizzeria Must Do Brisbane

Inside Julius Pizzeria. Image courtesy of Must Do Brisbane.

Julius Pizzeria specialise in pizza, obviously, with a huge a roaring-hot wood fired oven in the kitchen with ‘Julius’ very sweetly picked out in mosaic tiles so that one imagines that is the oven’s name to the staff. The menu also includes Beccofino’s signature duck ragu, and a few other pasta and main options. It’s a small but perfectly formed Italian menu, which I hope to further explore on subsequent visits.

I paid my visit to Beccofino with three work friends. Between the four of us we decided to share two pizzas and two salad sides, as it was a hot day. We chose the Salsiccia ($22), Fungi Misti ($22) bean salad ($10) and a radiccio and pear salad ($10). The pizzas came out very quickly and steaming hot and crisp from the oven. The salads were fresh and generous and good choice on a hot day. Despite the cool of the air-conditioning, salads feel so good when the pavement is baking hot.

Julius Pizzeria pizzas

We all four of us enjoyed our lunch and were very happy with our choices. The waitress had recommended three pizzas, but our ‘two and two’  was plenty for the four of us, though we were very tempted by the desserts. Another time, definitely. We just drank water and for our exceptionally good lunch it came to only $16 each, which was outstanding value for what we enjoyed.

The pizzas are perhaps a little expensive to buy just for yourself for lunch, but if you go with a group and share Julius Pizzeria is good value and if you like Italian food, you will enjoy your meal. The space is nice but if it were full, say on a Saturday night, it would get loud and perhaps difficult to hear in a group larger than six. The service was very good and attentive so overall I would heartily recommend a trip to Julius Pizzeria to try it out!
Julius Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


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