Breakfast at Battery Station

Battery Station is hidden away in plain sight towards the New Farm end of Wickham Street in Fortitude Valley.

They are open from breakfast to 2pm, 7 days a week. Small in front but with a larger open-air space out the back, the only thing saving it from being dour rather then interestingly ‘urban’ are the colourful murals all over the walls.

Battery Station

We arrived around 9am on a Thursday morning. There were a few local businessman (at a guess) having coffee in the front space but we took ourselves out the back.

Battery Station murals

We ordered the Bangalow ham toasty ($9.50) and eggs and toast ($9) with a side of bacon. I was sorely tempted by the roasted field mushrooms on soft polenta with blistered tomato, balsamic and basil ($9.50) and in hindsight, that’s what I should have chosen. The eggs and toast were disappointing. It was no fuss, no extras, which is as my plus one likes them. But if he hadn’t had the bacon he would have been very hungry. It was a little under-sized. My toasty was tasty and filling but not satisfying in the ham-department. When I order Bangalow ham I like to taste it’s exceptional quality, not loose it underneath stacks of (good) bread.

Eggs and toast with a side of bacon Bangalow ham toasty at Battery Station

Perhaps we judge harshly. One of our favourite cafes in Brisbane is exceptionally good value, even with the $1 price increase across the menu this year. As Brisbane breakfasts get fancier and more expensive, it is kind of nice to go somewhere and buy a straight-forward breakfast under $10. I just would have liked a little bit more, though I appreciate it must be very difficult to offer breakfasts for under $10.

I wish I had tried other options. I had no problems with the service or the setting and if you were ever around that part of the Valley and in need of sustenance, Battery Station could be worth a try. I just suspect it is a place where you have to know the best items to order from the menu to be properly satisfied.

Battery Station artist

Battery Station on Urbanspoon


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