Brisbane International – Around the world in Brisbane Restaurants: Part 1.

Now that most of Brisbane is well and truly back at work, we’d hazard a guess that there are a few of you reminiscing about your holidays.

So for a bit of fun we thought we’d help you re-live your holiday experience. We’ve put together a list of restaurants and bars that will transport you right back to where you’d rather be – first up is the European Edition. Keep a look out for Asia and The America’s coming to the blog soon…


Missing those Spanish siestas? Make a reservation at South Brisbane’s Granada Café and Tapas Bar to try their truly authentic and delicious Spanish fare. They’ve amazing croquettes, perfect jamon and a couple of Mexican dishes thrown in for good measure. The sangria is absolutely TOP NOTCH and you’ll roll out the door feeling very, very satisfied…a real S&G Favourite.
Granada Cafe Tapas Bar on Urbanspoon


If you’re still crying into your coffee before work, make a reservation at Jamie’s Italian and order yourself some Osso Buco Style Lamb. Because really, is there anything more comforting than slow cooked meat? They also have a huge range of pastas and some super decadent desserts so be sure to pull out those stretchy pants!
Jamie's Italian on Urbanspoon

Love cheese, wine, and traditional French cuisine? Lutece Bistro at Bardon is the destination for you. I first visited here in 2013 and fell in absolute love with the place! The food is absolutely delectable – plus they do great specials like BYO Wine on Tuesdays and their Dinner by Sunset menus on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings for $50 per person! The crème brulee is worth the visit alone.

Lutèce Bistro & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon


The German Club is cheap, cheerful and pretty much the perfect place to get over your post holidays blues. Here you’ll find pork knuckle, schnitzel and enough beer to satisfy your thirst for adventure. Oh and on Friday and Saturday nights you can listen to the wonderful Andrew playing the latest pop hits and German classics on his keyboard.

Zum Kaiser on Urbanspoon

Great Britain

Cold and rainy England isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but we have to admit that they do have some outstanding fish and chips. What better way to relive your UK holiday than a trip to Chumley Warners. Battered fish with mushy peas, curry sauce and salt and vinegar chips make for a bloody good feed.

Chumley Warner's on Urbanspoon


Brisbane has SO many Greek restaurants and you’ll certainly find a couple in our Best BYO post, however if they don’t take your fancy – book a table at George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant. Great views and delicious seafood – you can’t go wrong!
George's Paragon Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon


If you’re fond of Goulash and pierogi there is only one place for you – Polonia, The Polish Club at Milton. They have a wide variety of polish dishes, liquors and also do discounts if you’re a member. The menu consists of traditional polish cuisine with some Aussie additions like ‘fish and chips’ thrown in the mix. It’s comfort food to the max, so be prepared!

Polonia, The Polish Club on Urbanspoon

Want to see your favourite European/UK restaurant added to the list? Leave us a comment and we’ll check it out.


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